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EpDis: Eyes

Do you want to do Jude Law?

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I would have given this epside an "average" rating instead of the the "good" that I gave it, if it wasn't for the Motorcycle part of the story. I thought that was great!

I seem to recall seeing a thread about "Whatever happened to Mr. Garibaldi's Motorcycle"? I can't remember if it was here or on a different site. It did get some interesting responses. The one I liked best was: Garibaldi got caught speeding through the station on the bike, so it was impounded indefinitely! :LOL:

I'm on the complete other side, I didn't like the motorbike bit much. I do like the main story though.

We get another hard hit to the story in the way of there being people back home that are exceptionally manipulative of the government (in this instance, PsyCorps). We get more of the arc of Sinclair having been picked at the behest of the Minbari much to the anger of many other Earthforce personel. And we get to see Harriman Gray; I love his character. I've always wanted to know more about what his character eventually goes through later in the timeline of the story. I don't know if jms has any idea or if he even cares to think about it, but I'd sure love to see more. Harriman wasn't kind of in the middle of the spectrum. If Bester's on one end and season five Lyta's on the other, Harriman's in the middle. Matheson from Crusade was a similar position.

I do think Ben Zayn was overplayed in several spots, but I do like an ass of a character coming in and trying to take over because he's so ego driven that he thinks he deserves it. Of course, he was really nothing if not being played by Bester.

So, despite a few things I see as not to my taste, I still really really like the episode.
This is one of my favourite S1 epsiodes for some reason, though I'm not really sure if its deserving or not. I relish that actor's portrayal of Ben Zayne, especially where its completely OTT (or just theatrical?). I do think it could have been improved if the ending hadn't been so anticlimactic - one punch and its over! The Colonel should have hopped into a Starfury and pointed its cannons at C&C, holding the whole station to ransom.. or something :)
This is also the episode where Ivanova starts a bar brawl.. brilliant.
And the last one of the 22 to be filmed.
A good summation episode, "what has gone before."

My favorite bit is Ben Zayne complaining about Kosh. Just what, if anything, was he planning to do?
A good summation episode, "what has gone before."

My favorite bit is Ben Zayne complaining about Kosh. Just what, if anything, was he planning to do?

It would have been very entertaining to have seen him try something against Kosh. Boy! Talk about a bad move! :eek: :LOL:
I just love this episode because of that guy's ridiculous scenery chewing- all that scowling and evil eye stuff and huffin' 'n' puffin'. I am such a sucker for that stuff.
This is also the episode where Ivanova starts a bar brawl.. brilliant.

Of course, that scene forces you to make a decision about how to interpret what is going on.

Do you want to believe what they are pretty clearly trying to establish, or do you want to believe your lieing eyes? ;) :D

Is Ivanova a seriously tough badass? It seems pretty clear that is what they pretty clearly trying to show when she basically takes on the entire bar and is winning when security arrives.

Or do you *look* at the parts of the fight that we actually see and conclude that *all* of these people are completely inept, and Ivanova is just slightly less clueless than the other drunks?

I generally go with what they are trying to establish, and ignore how badly staged and choreagraphed the brawl is. :cool:
Ahhh, the battle of the hams. Sinclair grits his teeth, "I FOUGHT ON THE LINE! Ben-Zayne adjusts his softball sized testicles and throbs out "I GOT THIS SCAAAAAR IN BATTLE!" Then there's little Harriman Grey caught in the middle. "YOU MAKE ME SICK!"

O'Hare played in "A Few Good Men" onstage, and it shows here. It's a good one.
Not one of my favorite episodes. It is only OK, IMHO.
I did like the motorcycle bit. JMS is great at throwing in some "comedy relief".
absolutely LOVE this ep, mainly cos i'm a major Ivanova fan.For some weird reason I laugh my head off all the way through every time. As is mentioned in the "Voices" novel, when Susan's eyebrows shoot up RUN FOR COVER! :D I think we are all very clear that poking around in the Lieutenant's head is a VERY bad idea!! On a more serious note, the dream scene was well done, and we are subtly shown that Susan can also chuck back the vodkas when under pressure, as is brought out in S4's "The Hour of the Wolf".
One of my B5 fantasies is a drinking binge with Ivanova. Then we would get into a bar fight with some Drazis and take Talia home.
I gave this one a B good cause I just the character of Harriman and Ben Zahn the thing that made me put it down a notch is the motor bike thing.Definately boring at least for me.
Do you think his middle initial is N?

Nope. :p His full name is Ari Ben Zayne, and I'm guessing he has Jewish ancestry because of the Ben (son of).

I like the ep, there are some quite brilliant performances. I love it when a character goes so spectacularly crazy.

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