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EpDis: Babylon Squared

A Voice In The Wilderness Part 1

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"Babylon Squared" is definitely an A episode for me. It gave us some, but no where near all, information on the only previously referenced Babylon 4. We got introduced to the ever lovely Zathras! And we got the weird mystery of who is "The One."
Can you say "foreshadowing?"

The only disappointing parts about this episode are the acting by the B4 station commander and the fact that BSquared doesn't match perfectly with War Without End.

Quite the strong episode, with all kinds of mysteries and stuff going on, character development for Sinclair and Garibaldi and Delenn, some interesting new science stuff, and so forth.
Yeah, Major Krantz, like many guest characters on the show in season one, often goes quite a bit over the top.
I do wonder exactly to what extent the other half of this arc actually changed after Michael O' Hare left. Presumably what we're really seeing in the brief scene when they touch are husband and wife Sinclair and Delenn saying their final tearful goodbyes before he rides back into the past to fulfil his ineluctable destiny as Valen... And then Delenn gets up every morning before dawn to watch the sun come up.. (this being the same alternate universe in which a determined Sinclair crashes the nukes into Z'ha'dum at the end of Season 3 as a Shadow-possessed Catherine Sakai advances slowly towards him..)

Babylon Squared is a good solid A for being completely off the wall, and because the mere act of making an episode like this demonstrated such incredible faith in the series' future (or on the other hand, perhaps JMS just never seriously believed they'd end up having to make the other half :))..
It's story ground-work at its best. W/o it, we wouldn't have our beloved the War Without End (Pt 1 and 2.)
Ah, but was the Delenn/Sinclair romance ever scripted for Sinclair? The "marriage" scene is notoriously a red herring.

And I do not think Delenn could have loved Sinclair as deeply as she loved Sheridan. She would always be a little too much involved in seeing to Sinclair's destiny, whereas she developed her friendship with Sheridan as one ally to another, not as an agent of prophecy.
In other words, Delenn wasn't inclined to marry for prophet. :D

Wow. Imagine that. The Narn Bat Squad is more than willing to do this job for free. :)

Personally, I think it makes perfect sense to have Delenn fall in love, marry Sinclair, get pregnant and then at the very end of the series learn along with the rest of them who he was destined to be.

But I don't know much about what JMS has confirmed and/or denied. But it would have made one hell of an ending to a 5-year series.
In other words, Delenn wasn't inclined to marry for prophet. :D

owwwww..........OWWWWWWWW........that hurt........funny, but still............owwwwwww
:rolleyes: .......... :D

Actually I'd give this episode a B..........Considering it was almost entirely dedicated to foreshadowing and development and didn't really have a complete story of it's own, it was quite well done.

Buuuuuuuut........since it DID have the legendary Fasten/Zip Zip/Fasten controversy.......... :D .....I guess I can bump it to an A-......... :)
This is an off-the-chart A episode. This is the ep where, if you're watching the show for the first time and you hadn't realised this is something different and special, this is what knocks that into your skull.

For those like me who love being confused and watching weird shit, it's great.

IIRC, JMS claims Delenn would never have hooked up with Delenn. The only think I think I'm sure that would have happened had Sinclair staid is that War Without End would have been the last episode of the series.
One possibility is that a General escapes Earth and joins Babylon 5 in season 2 or 3. When Sinclair goes to Z'ha'dum the General takes over Babylon 5. Sinclair gets injured on Z'ha'dum, returns with Lorien and then takes Babylon 4 back in time. The two stations fight the Shadow War on two fronts. After "In to the Fire" the General attacks Earth.
I have also thought that such a "General" would have been the original way things would have gone, as Andrew says. I've even wondered if it might have been General Hague himself that would have filled such a position.
(this being the same alternate universe in which a determined Sinclair crashes the nukes into Z'ha'dum at the end of Season 3 as a Shadow-possessed Catherine Sakai advances slowly towards him..)

Hell, go for broke. Why not make it the original planetary prospector Carolyn Sikes? If you follow the original story for her and Sinclair, he probably would have decided to get married and leave the station just like she suggested in "The Gathering". He was a True Seeker after all.

"Oh, but first, Jeff, I have to run one more survey on the Rim. See you in a couple of weeks...... "
Really good ep, and without it WWE1+2 would make our heads explode. (Time-travel stories still give me a migrane) The breakfast scene is a classic (Michael is a very brave and/or stupid man!) But Major Krantz! Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. :eek: I love that bit when Susan says "And I missed it!" Um, no, you didn't. Believe it or not, you were there the whole time! All in all, a B++, as my A's are reserved for a few VERY special episodes.
I forgot the breakfast scene. My favorite bits are Sinclair telling Garibaldi, "I'll notify your next of kin" and then looking furtively in the direction Ivanova left as he hurries off in the opposite direction.

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