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EpDis: A Voice In The Wilderness Part 2


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I agree; the episode is average for me. I do like our first sight of the Hyperion-class ship though (though I'm not fond of the performance of the actor playing the Captain of that ship though: it's too over-the-top for my preferences).
Ah, but it does provide the occasion for one of Ivanova's more memorable lines! "Worst case of testosterone poisining I've ever seen."

And we do get Lise Hampton introduced for the first, but by no means the last, time.
I do like our first sight of the Hyperion-class ship though

I was never impressed with the Hyperion-class. They say, there's a ship coming through, and "It's big" ...and out pops a shrimp, er Hyperion-class. :p

I sure wish JMS hadn't gotten his terminology backwards. A cruiser smaller than a destroyer, sheesh! :rolleyes:
Strangely that happens fairly often in science fiction... "cruisers" and "destroyers" are used almost interchangeably in Star Wars.

David Weber, on the other hand, is so tech-savvy that you can pinpoint the era he drew his ship classes from.
(I've only posted a couple times so please allow me to say, "Hi!" again)

I enjoyed this episode (and part 1) more on subsequent viewings than on the first. I appreciate it for it's importance in the arc in many places but I agree that Captain Pierce was over acted (of course so was Sinclair imho but we won't get into that now :) ). I don't get such an overall 'mood' like in Signs and Portents, but still it's quality stuff. I'd give it a 7.5.
This one lacked the unique Londoness of the first ep, so rates more lacklusterly on my radar screens.

Come on! The scene with Londo flying the shuttle down to the planet is priceless!
Like its first part, this story is more interesting in the details (Londo as a pilot!) than in its entirety. I find the commanding officer of the Hyperion annoying, but I suppose that's the idea. He would have been more convincing had he fine-tuned his acting more...
I am way more excited about this episode than the other posters in this thread :) I just really like A Voice in the Wilderness. It's possible I like it more for how it fits with the larger story than for its own story, but I find that a hard distinction to make. I (sadly) can't remember now how I felt about this episode (or this couple of episodes) when I first watched it/them and didn't know how it/they would fit into the whole. But, as it is, I really enjoy this two-parter.

Unlike some other people, I actually really like Captain Pierce. I think he exemplifies current ideas shaping Earth Force policies exactly. "Obsessed with getting their hands on new technology", indeed. I imagine this is exactly how Earth Force would behave in a universe where they're still sort of a "young" species, just recovering from being almost wiped out by one of the older races.

I sort of wonder why Varn appeared to Londo, but not Delenn. Out of all the people on the station Varn chose to appear to Sinclair, Draal, and Londo (OK, maybe he also appeared to random lurkers or who knows who else, and we just don't know about that). Sure, they all have the capacity for self-sacrifice, but so does Delenn.

The list of things:
  • I like Earth ships. ALL Earth ships, including the Hyperion.
  • "Bronze-tech world", I like it :p
  • How does the Babylon 5 command staff not know EXACTLY how long it would take to evacuate the station? Have they not practiced this?
  • The one thing that really kind of pulls me out is when Sinclair is giving instructions for evacuation and he says something like "not everyone can be evacuated, so take the ambassadors, women and children, ..." Women and children"? "Women and children first" was barely ever a real disaster policy based on some ideas that would be several centuries out of date in 2258. It doesn't make any kind of sense for Sinclair to utter those words and I have no idea how that sentence made it into the script.
  • "Worst case of testosterone poisoning I ever saw". One of the more quotable lines in B5 :)
  • I really like how Varn keeps talking about preserving the Great Machine "for the future".
so, after a hiatus and reading into the view order mess, I decided to continue with "a voice in the wilderness". I decided early on to make this into one big recap. And I have to say: I'm somewhat tempted to just use the recap at the start of part 2 and only elaborate on part 2. I mean: it's already right there and it'd be a great prank for anyone who stumbles upon my recaps expecting about 7 Minutes per episode to get the original recap of part 1 instead :LOL::LOL::LOL:

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