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EpDis: A Distant Star

Gumbel, Gumbel, or Gumble...who's your favorite?

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A excellant the second season is one of my favorites and it will show in my ratings for the eps as well.The highlight at least for me was Sheridan seeing an old friend again .This one goes alot better in establishing the friendship between May nard and Sheridan than the war prayer did with shaal mayan.I thought the two mens chemistry on screen came off better and believeable.The B story was good as well with the food advice.Garibaldi's story provides alittle more insight in to his character involving the bagna clauda
One of my favourites on first viewing. It was a "WHAM" episode, and I liked Keffer. (So shoot me with a Nerf ball.)
When I first saw this episode I loved it, now I only like it. I thought the entry of the Cortez was brilliant.
It's okay. We get more Shadow stuff, showing us that they are stepping up their campaign, but this still wasn't brilliant.
Yeah definitely a minor ep in the grand scheme of things and reminds me of a disadvantage of watching the series so many times: the revelations of the Big Bad Shadows get less and less important.

I always think of this one as the end of the series' warm-up period.
Meh. Can't get enthusiastic about this one, difficult to say why. I don't know, I just can't help feeling the whole "self-doubt-itchy-feet" think was annoyingly and uncharacteristically whiney (Ok hit me), and the Cortez looked like a starving gulper eel. The "food plan" bit was hilarious though. Anyone else prepared to agree that Stephen was *very* wise not to say that "But with very nice borders" line to Susan's face? :LOL:
Maynard spoiled the whole thing. Wow. Even *I* can act better than THAT! I mean, WTF?? It was actually embarassing, IMHO. Where did they find this guy?

It would take a P-12 to make that many people think he was good. You all must have been in the same place at one point in time. Otherwise tihs conspiracy is much bigger than I thought.
I'm there too in not much liking the guest characters of the episode, including the guy who played Maynard. I love the design of the Explorer ship though.
Russ Tamblyn (Amber Tamblyn of Joan of Arcadia's father) was the lead role in West Side Story, and he was very good in that. Of course he was playing a punk in that, which is, I imagine, much different than playing a Starship Captain.
Russ Tamblyn was the lead role in West Side Story, and he was very good in that.
I wouldn't describe Riff as "the lead role" in West Side Story. Tony and Maria are the leads. Riff is in with Bernardo and Anita as the first tier of supporting roles. (Chakiris and Moreno won the Supporting Actor and Suportting Actress Oscars for Bernardo and Anita.) I mean, nobody describes Mercutio as "the lead role" in Romeo and Juliet. ;)

Of course, Riff is the leader if the Jets. And Tamblyn did a good job with it.

Until I looked at the filmography I hadn't connected him to having played the youngest brother in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers several years earlier.
Yea, you're right. I never really thought of Tony as the lead actor though, for some reason, even though he obviously is.
Probably because when they are both (Riff & Tony) on screen, Riff is the much stronger presense .... the one that tends to hold your attention. Same thing, most of the time, when Tony is on screen with Maria (Natalie Wood). Even Doc completely steals the scene from Tony in the scene when Doc tells Tony that Maria is dead.

WSS is a great movie, but the casting of Tony always seemed to me to be a little bit weak. It seemed to be crying out for someone like James Dean .... if he was still alive .... and could sing and dance.

Well, maybe the singing part isn't necessary. Natalie Wood didn't sing Maria's songs (or at least it isn't her voice that made into the final soundtrack of the movie). ;) :p
Well, maybe the singing part isn't necessary. Natalie Wood didn't sing Maria's songs (or at least it isn't her voice that made into the final soundtrack of the movie). ;) :p

Richard Beymer's (Tony) songs were actually sung by someone named Jimmy Bryant. Beymer was great in Twin Peaks as dirty dealer Benjamin Horn. Russ Tamblyn, now 71, was also in Twin Peaks as the loopy Dr. Lawrence Jacoby.
The whole casting vs. singing thing for West Side Story is a tale in and of itself.

Clearly Tamblyn was good enough to survive in the business for forty years or so. You'd think the total idiots would have been weeded out after that ammount of time -- especially if they don't have huge... tracts of land.
Two big beefs with this one.

*) Explorer ship. Big badass ship that goes out to explore the rim of the galaxy, all on its own. And it doesn't seem to have a jump engine. Eh??

*) The Cortez. Okay. They named a ship after Hernándo Cortez. What are its sister ships, the Hitler and the Genghis Khan?

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