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Entire collection up for sale


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I have an extensive collection of Babylon 5 collectibles and a moderate collection of Star Wars and Star Trek collectibles. I am moving to Spain so hope to find someone to buy all (or most) of my items in bulk, as selling them as one-offs on eBay or CL will take a great deal of time.

I’ve loaded pictures of every item into two folders in my shared dropbox.

All of the Babylon 5 items are at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6hjzlr2ei186ziz/AAAZUcRpPwED9iZixBGxeYKLa?dl=0

You can find the Star Trek, Star Wars, and other miscellaneous science fiction/fantasy items (such as Rising Stars and Amazing Stories magazines and a carefully preserved copy of the 9/11 edition of Amazing Spiderman) at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k5hify8w9zc7za1/AACEPPGjSV0aS07DQHgrTPSLa?dl=0

I will be happy to answer any questions or provide additional details about any of the items, including more pictures. I haven't even begun to estimate a price for everything. Make me a decent offer.

Thanks for taking a look,
Janet, is that two copies of the same issue of Amazing Stories, or is that a mis-posting?

(Annoyingly that's one of the two I already have --- but if it turns out that you have issue #602, I'd be very interested in discussing taking that off your hands for a mutually agreeable price.)
I've always wanted one of those Agamemnon caps. And the Shadow figure!

Lovely collection, and it all appears to have been very well looked after. Sadly I'm skint so I wouldn't be able to afford it (and already have most of the figures so I'd end up with duplicates) but good luck with finding a buyer!

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