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Enterprise: "Storm Front Part 2"


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Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Spoilers ahead as per discussion threads, etc.


Well, it wasn't as good as I was hoping, but at least it brings the end of the Temporal War stuff.

The ending really got me the most. We were told in the episode that the divergence between the Enterprise's history happened when someone assassinated Lenin and that Vosk and his people weren't around when that happened. So exactly how does destroying the Conduit and Vosk prevent that assassination from happening? I saw no explanation given as to how stopping Vosk prevented the assassination of Lenin.

It was a bit predictable, unfortunately. Archer tells T'Pol she might have to have the ship enter the atmosphere to blast the place to bits early in the episode, and lo and behond she does in the last part. Big frelling surprise.

So, I wasn't all that thrilled with this episode, but I do welcome it in that it brings an end to the Temporal story and allows for new stories. 'Bout time.

I'm not too sure what I think about the previews of the next episode though with the Vulcan wedding and all that.
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

I agree, it was kind of predictable, but I still thought it was OK.

But what I think would have been really cool, was if Vosk turned out to be a human. How cool of a twist would that have been? Why can I think of these things and not the writers? Am I full of crap or do I have a point here? :p
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Did anyone else see a White Star amoung Enterprise's honour guard, or have I started to hallucinate about better sci-fi shows?
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"


Weak ending, bad writing! I really, really hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Hopefully it was just MC's way of getting over and done with the TCW thing and therefore didn't have his complete passions.

The ending moments (especially that horrid moment with Daniels...ICK!) were lame and way too melodramatic.

Five minute ending city!

Hopefully this is the last time we have to push such a major reset button. And, though I'm not holding my breath, the last time it gets pushed at all.

As for the previews, at least we finally get to see Vulcan and it looks like a humorous ep. which I can't recall the last time we got.

I'm still very upset that they didn't use the reset button to correct some really bad continuity errors and FX but I suppose that's just asking too much.

Now I'm worried about the Eugenics story. Khan's time was supposedly the 1990's. My understanding was that MC was going to try to correct that obvious problem and suggest how Khan could've still existed even though the 90's are over. He better not set such events in Archer's time or that's it, I'm done.

Time will tell....the mind remains open.

Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Same boring Star Trek clone.

We did get to see Silik in his Del Varner disguise.:LOL:
Next week, they rape the grave of "Amok Time"
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Look at it this way, at least they didn't bring in a new Scifi Barbie with Spandex so tight she can't breathe, which would be common for Star Trek at this stage in the game.
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Look at it this way, at least they didn't bring in a new Scifi Barbie with Spandex so tight she can't breathe, which would be common for Star Trek at this stage in the game.

You shouldn't have said that. :eek:


I didn't watch part 1 but watched 2. It was okay. I got the same feeling CE talked about above. I felt the reset button being pressed. It may just have been a way to tie things up and move on quickly. I suppose we'll see.
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Oh, I agree it was a Reset button being pushed, I don't think anyone can deny it. The hope is, that, they pushed that reset button hard enough, that we can move on from here, and not have it used, yet again.
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

I finally saw it. And to those who said it was "weak writing" and "typical predictable Star Trek" I would remind you that Manny Cotto was handed that cliff hanger and had to wrap it up.

Not only did he wrap up that odd cliffhanger, but he wrapped up the freakin "Temporal Cold War" which was in and out the last 3 seasons. Basically, he said "I have my own better ideas, enough of this crap," closed the book on it, and washed his hands of the whole thing.

I think it was really the only thing to do. Now with all that behind us, we can see where HE wants to take us. I think the episodes were as good as could be given what he wanted to do, and given the storyline he was forced to pick up (and end).

I think the NEXT three episodes will be more telltale of things to come than these first two...
Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

You're opinions of me seem to have clouded your ability to read my posts. I agreed with, and in fact stated first, everything you just said.

I will give ST:E a full and complete opportunity to win me back, and would love to have it be good enough to win me back. While I was disappointed in the first two eps and the way he got out of the TCW story, I do admitt that he just probably wanted to be done with it.

I look forward to seeing what he presents next.

Re: Enterprise: \"Storm Front Part 2\"

Never said I was referring to your post. I was referring to SEVERAL posts I read. Nice job jumping to conclusions though, jeez...

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