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Enterprise: "Kir'Shara" (Spoilers)


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Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

I rather enjoyed this episode. :)

Trip's doubting whether he was making the right decision going to Andoria was a good moment for him. And T'Pol's scenes where T'Pau remedied T'Pol of whatever affliction it was and the scene wehre T'Pol lied to the Vulcan that had captured her were good moments for her character.

I kind of would have liked to have seen more shots of the fleet battle though, but for a Star Trek series, I guess I shouldn't have anticipated much more in terms of space battle shots.

And the ending scene of the booted head Vulcan guy meeting with the Romulan was fun in that it looks like though the main story of the past three episodes is done, there's a plot thread continuing on. And Lord knows I loves me some long, extending plot lines. :)

One of the more important though more ambiguous things about this episode is that I actually felt excited during it, which is nice to get from Star Trek again.
Re: Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

You pretty much summed up my thoughts... I loved this arc. Can't wait for what's coming next...
Re: Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

I hope they unveil the Romulan thing right. Remember, in Spock's time, Vulcan's or humans didn't know what Romulan's looked like, and in the TOS episode "Balance of Terror" it was Spock's first time seeing one and he was theorizing that they might be an offshoot of Vulcans.

In the TNG era Spock was working towards Vulcan/Romulan unification.

So I think having that last scene in Enterprise is rather ambitious. Although, we don't know if Vos was really a Romulan spy all along. He was talking about Re-unifying their people, so I assume that to mean he is Vulcan. But how the hell would he know so much when 150 years later it would still be a secret?

Either way so far they have done a good job at restoring and keeping continuity, so I hope they do the same with that little twist.
Re: Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

Recoil, I share your concerns, but I think it could be handled right, and hope it is.

I liked seeing Archer nerve-pinch a Vulcan! I liked the topical references to current politics, something ST has done well in the past, but gotten away from. I liked how well Trip handled himself and the Enterprise. They seem to be building up his character, and T'Pol is now free, so that might lead somewhere. What I would really like to see is Tripp and Archer explaining what happened to Earth command, and command's reaction, but I doubt we will see it soon, if ever. It looks like there is no new ep next week. Does anyone know when the next new one will air?
Re: Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

I was quite happy to see T'Pol being cured. One thing that really upset up Canan purists, was the whole Mind Melding being a degenerate act, and being dangerous to mental health (The Vulcan mental version of AIDs). It was great to see that it was the lack of training that messed up T'Pol's mind, and that an experienced mind melder could put it right. It really put that little bit back into canan.

Regarding the Romulan arc that is obviously coming, on the official Star Trek site, they do mention that canan fans shouldn't freak out, even though the audience will be treated to seeing the Romulans, the characters that shouldn't see them (according to canan) will not actually see the Romulan people, they'll only see ships.

One thing that Enterprise has always done at least a decent job at is the Andorian episodes (probably because there's little canan they can mess up with the Andorians), and this episode was no exception, it was very well done.

The next arc is dealing with the Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites and Romulans.

I'm not positive, but, I believe there will be 3 or weeks of reruns, then a new mini arc, than a couple more reruns, and then some more new episodes. They've changed their mind a couple times, but, I think the current epsiode guide lists the new episodes as they currently have decided to show them.
Re: Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

I like how they've "updated" the look of TOS aliens, but kept the basic look the same:


Re: Enterprise: \"Kir\'Shara\" (Spoilers)

Yea LH, its nice that they updated things but you can easily tell who they are. Tellerites no longer look like they are wearing halloween masks.

And its also cool that it seems they will keep true to Cannon and have the characters that shouldn't see the Romulans not see them. I think the fact that they had to post about it on Startrek.com to keep the skeptical fans (like me) at ease says two things:

1) Writing and storytelling in the past has been very sloppy so they knew fans would react this way.

2) The current team is aware of past faults and is doing all they can to make sure fans realize that things ARE changing for the better.