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Enterprise: "Cold Station 12" (Spoilers)


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Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

You know it,...



Tonight's Enterprise was good. It was nice to see Phlox's doctor friend make an appearance.

Hopefully next week will pay off the conflict of division between Soong and the head Augment because it sure was heated up in this episode. It's a little expected, in my opinion, that there would be a widening division between them, but it didn't feel too cliche.

I look forward to some more Klingons, which it seems like we're getting next week.

All in all, not too bad of an episode. But then, I had watched Andromeda prior, so maybe seeing really bad crap makes Enterprise just seem better to me as a result of unintentional subconscious comparison. ;)
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

It was nice to see Phlox's doctor friend make an appearance.
Ahhh, yes. The guy from "Office Space" who made the "Jump...to conclusions Mat."

So far I like the new season. I like the tie-ins to early Trek. Eugenics Wars reference is cool. And Doctor Soong...a relative of Data's creator perhaps? :p
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

I think we can assume that he is an ancestor of Data's creator.
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

Especially since it has been stated in the press items regarding those episodes. ;)

Yes he's an ancestor of Data's creator. :)
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

I seriously doubht it but after watching the preview for the next episode. Something about the augments messing with the klingons. Could it be cotto is going ot use the augments doing something geneticaly to explain Why the klingon in the original serise as they do. Of course be pretty lousy explanation of a gentic disease since, by time of 1st movie which can only be like 1 or 2 years after the TOS have the klingon we know and love from the next genereation
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

Personally, I don't need an explanation of the changes in the Klingon's appearance, or any other of the many make up and special effects advances that are used in portraying things made after TOS. Facts about time lines, levels of development, all the details of stories, and races, that they have encountered, should be adhered to, and not contradicted. But, limiting portrayals to the old FX tech, or limiting stories to only races, or incidents, we already know of, are very unnecessary limitations, IMO. It makes more sense to me to accept that TOS didn't have time to tell us everything about the ST universe, and history, at that time. In short, don't contradict facts, but new ones that don't contradict old ones are fine. And, any improvements in depiction are fine, so long as they aren't contrary in spirit to old ones.
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

JJ summed up my attitude perfectly. The kinds of contradictions I really don't care about are the FX and makeup ones.

Ignoring their own timeline, on the other hand, that was not only insulting to the fans but plain stupid. There were so many just-barely-mentioned storylines that could have been expanded upon so easily and so successfully, it's incredible how the B-boys just felt a need to ignore this rich universe and look for the worst stories they could find. :rolleyes:

I have yet to watch the Brent Spiner episodes, though most of it is on tape. Ihave the first ep and I think the second half of the second ep. :rolleyes:

Does anyone know when they repeat their Friday episode? I probably missed it yesterday, didn't I?

Edit: never mind, they repeat it tonight at 5 pm. :cool:
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

The aim of Star Trek : TOS was “to seek out new life and new civilisation”. Any civilisation that humans knew about would not need investigating by Captain Kirk. If they do no longer attack Earth he would not have to fight them either. Plenty of room for aliens that fit those catagories.
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

I do hope they get back to actually exploring things on Enterprise.

However, as far as arcs go, this one is leagues better than the previous stuff.

The previews for the conclusion imply that we will learn why the Klingons hate humans by Kirk's time.
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

I wouldn't go so far as to call Enterprise "Must See TV" yet, but, it's definitely worth watching. I've watched all the episodes so far this season, and not once have I thought, "Well, there's an hour of my life I'll never get back" (something I have often thought in episodes of the first 3 seasons. This season has been very watchable, and I think if my mind wasn't poisoned by the previous 3 seasons, I might actually even like this season more. The conclusion looks like it should work pretty nicely, and when they were talking about T'Pol's mother in "Home" it was indicated that her mother would be reappearing, so I believe there will be a followup to the Vulcan side of the episode Home, in the near future. So, even though this season is going to be a group of mini-arcs, it looks like they will be lightly strung together in a wider tapestry

JJ, I totally concur with your feelings on Canan and breaking of canan.
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

The Augments are laughably bad, though. Alec Newman was so much better as Muab'Dib (at least there he was victimized with such an awful mullet).
Re: Enterprise: \"Cold Station 12\" (Spoilers)

I saw the last 45 minutes of the first episode of this mini-arc. I liked it quite a bit. The story and characters held my interest, and the characters seemed to be doing believable things.

A definite sign that things have improved. The inevitable question: have they improved enough to save the series is something that time will tell. But I most definitely will watch the second of the episodes as soon as I have the time. :cool: