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Enjoy your holiday

I think us mods are as surprised as everyone else is, and still don't know anything beyond that message. It's been fun here though, and hopefully it still will be.
If Antony wants to close up shop, then it's his right. It's his baby, and he can do with it what he will.

Odd, though, seeing this when all accounts seem to indicate there might be a major motion picture on the way.
As long as we get to keep the forums running, I'm happy for the time being since there isn't all that much going on *for the moment* in the B5 world, though that'll soon change. :cool:
Antony, we've all appreciated your efforts here. The B5 forums are my home on the web, and I would hate to lose them! Please, keep them up, and bring back the site when TMoS starts to heat up!
Ditto. May this whole community continue to thrive in some form or fashion! Huzzah, and all that..... Fah. I just can't seem to work my way with words as I once did.
as a relative new-comer to B5TV, I must say I 've come to love to forums, and the community you've created here, its the first place on the net i've felt comfortable with.

I'd love to see the site redeveloped, but appreciate you must have plenty of other constraints, and lack of content is probably an issue. Reporting lots of tragic deaths can hardly be an uplifiting pastime.

I hope the forums keep going for a while, although if they were to close it might improve my productivity.....
Thanks for all the memories Antony. Everyone here owes you a debt of gratitude for the servie you have provided the B5 Community. Hope it continues, and understand your decision if it doesn't.
If it ends... it ends. Would miss the boards though. Though there's always Kribu's. Perhaps make the site more general? Like expand the Beyond the Ring concept?

Honestly, as much as like the people here, it gets old. We all know each other. I know who is gonna agree with me, disagree, who is gonna mock me, and who is gonna ignore me. We should attract more newbie's. TMOS should do that, but it sounds like it will take A LOT more time, and i guess only the trailer would make a call.

Maybe erase b5tv and start over. A general entertainment community website for good tv shows and more offtopic. No, not really more science fiction. Star Trek alientates people. It does. DVD reviews, television episode reviews, etc. That would be cool.

Just my two cents.
Will be sorry to see the place go, though I'm keeping my fingers crossed for alleigences to come back if you do a site for TMoS :D.

Admittedly the site's been going for quite a while, and we all eventually move on and change.

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