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Embarrasing typo in S3 R2


Yeah, at the beginning of War Without End part 1, there's Sharlin flyin' and the Minbari homeworld... so there comes text: Minbar Homeworld, Minibari Federation. I mean C'MON! MINIBARI? What the heck is that? :LOL: Can someone who owns S3 R1 look at this... is it Minibari federation also on R1 disc?
I have the R1 version and I checked my copy. It says "Minbari". You must have a bad copy.

Send it to JMS. Knowing how he feels about such goofs, it will be fun to see his head explode. ;)

Just kidding.
Well.. here's the screenshot of this typo... *sigh*.


Go for it Minibari Federation! :D
GeoKuutio - How did you post that picture?

Please advise.

It says that I can post an image but that I need a URL for it. Can I not just add a picture?

Welcome aboard. :D

I'm afraid that you need to have the picture hosted on some web server to post it, so you do need an URL for it, yes. No way to post pictures stored on your own computer.
Here, you can use this site to post pictures from:


Once you've uploaded your pic, go to the album you put it in, click the thumbnail of your pic, and click the 'create link for auction' button.

Love the typo :LOL: by the by.

Thanks Snowglobe and Kribo. Unfortunately my 'work PC' has broken and has gone to Toshiba for repair, so at the moment I do not have the picture anyway. I shall try later when it is fixed.

Thanks for the welcome.