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Eli's Halloween Story


Beyond the rim
Eli\'s Halloween Story

Ok, it's not the best, but maybe someone will enjoy reading it. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Halloween, 2262

Michael Garibaldi had spent his day playing “Covert Security Man” for the Interstellar Alliance when he sat down to watch some vids. When going through the usual cycle of his 20th Century library, he remembered that tomorrow would be Halloween back on Earth. Most people had abandoned the shunned holiday, but Michael got a kick out of it. Garibaldi downed the remaining bottle of booze from under the bed and left his quarters. Stumbling drunkly through the station, he finally reached the Confiscated Items locker near the Station House. He grabbed a boot-leg bottle of Wine from a shelf, and set out to work…

The next day President John Sheridan had a lot on his mind: conferences with the Alliance over attacks on shipping lines, complaints about the Telepaths he let stay in Brown Sector, and the normal hassles of his position. While walking through Blue Sector, he suddenly realized a disturbing message written in blood on the wall. The message read, “Death comes for you, Sheridan.” A little rattled, he continued on his way to meet with the command staff, and sat down for the meeting. “Ok people, we have a real problem here. The Old League of Non-Aligned Worlds is threatening to drop out of the Alliance again if we don’t get these attacks stopped.” The team debated for well over an hour, with no results. Delenn decided to throw a new offer on the table, “What if we…” Garibaldi walked in, looking as tired as a dead man. “Mr. Garibaldi,” John Continued, “Late again.” Michael seemed to be sweating. “Uh, sorry I was just going over some…documents…must have fallen asleep.” John seemed as unhappy as ever. “Well, you didn’t miss anything. Let’s try this again tomorrow. Zach, can I speak with you?” Everyone left except for Zach Allan and President Sheridan. “Yes Sir?” Zach said uneasily. “Zach, on my way here I saw a disturbing message, it said ‘Death comes for you, Sheridan’, and I believe it was in blood. Could you check it out for me?” Zach was puzzled by what he was hearing, for he came the same way Sheridan had come from. “Ok…I’ll look into it.”

Walking to get dinner after a hard day of work, Sheridan wondered about who was out to get him. Suddenly, all of the lights went out. And for some reason, the emergency lights failed to light up. “Oh great,” Sheridan tapped his link, “Sheridan to…” John was unable to finish, and all color left his face. There, standing in front of him was Kosh. The Vorlon spoke, “Death comes for you, Sheridan. Impudent Human, your error has cursed me…” Kosh’s green eye turned blood red, and his voice became deeper. “Now, you will get yours…” Sheridan ran blindly into the darkness unable to see anything but the red eye behind him. “Death, John…DEATH!” Kosh boomed louder and began to follow him. A red light lit up a service hatch, he tried it, but it was helplessly locked. The light faded, but soon illuminated the open entrance to the next corridor, his only escape. He dashed to the door, right as it slammed shut. Sheridan was trapped, as Kosh caught up to him. Sheridan turned as stared at the Vorlon in horror, as Kosh spoke. “Now, you shall DIE…” Kosh’s red light went out, creating total darkness. All of the normal lights flashed back on a few seconds later, as Zach Allan and his team rushed in through the now open door behind him. Kosh was gone.

“Mr. President, are you ok?” Zach ran to John’s side. “Yeah, I think so. Where’s Kosh?” “Kosh?” Zach asked dazed. “Yes, Kosh! He was right in front of me! He tried to kill me!” Sheridan was shaking, as Zach and his team escorted the President out of the area. “We’ll search every bit of the area, once we get you to your quarters, sir.”

After they left, Garibaldi Jumped out of the closed service hatch. “I knew that the Encounter Suit used by the na'ka'leen Feeder would come in handy…” Garibaldi laughed. “Happy Halloween Sheridan.”
Re: Eli\'s Halloween Story

Funny, Elie /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

But for some reason, I think some people here like Kribu and Sta would have wanted to see Sheridan actually get killed. /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif
Re: Eli\'s Halloween Story

/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif Well, can't please um' all. THey'll just have to settle for Sheridan in the Looney bin for a few days /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
Re: Eli\'s Halloween Story

Make sure they know that, okay? /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

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