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Egyptian blessing quote

Google came up with 2 hits - one of B5, and one was a pagan saying.

Anyway, my daughter is going over to Afghanistan and i wanted to get her a departing gift.

All the personalized jewelry didn't really have the meaning i wanted.

But i found this site that stamps custom phrases on bracelets. I thought that was major cool.

So her bracelet will say "May God stand between you and harm in all the empty spaces you must walk." And its only $70. That's about twice what i wanted to pay, but i get what i wanted instead of settling..

Also, the downside is, i don't think she can wear it, not with her uniform. :wtf:

anyway, i think sheridian said it best. I know its suppose to be "gods" - but she's christian so who cares...
At one time there was a fan on Ebay who sold pendants with the Egyptian blessing in hyroglyphics (sp?) but I can't find it now. I've got one (somewhere) that I'd gladly let you/your daughter have if you're interested. Send me a PM if so.


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