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Edward Woodward dies

So sad, I really enjoyed in him in The Long Road, I've been meaning to check out some other things he's been in.
Galahad started a thread on this in the News, politics, and rants forum, but this is more appropriate. Some admin. might want to post a link to this thread in that thread, then lock that thread.

I'll always remember him as Sgt. Howie, in The Wicker Man, an excellent film
It seems we will see him in something new. He will be in appropriately titled A Congregation of Ghosts, now in post-production.
Fah, just found out about this now myself. Although I haven't seen him in much, I immediately grew to like him back when I first discovered The Equalizer, which is still one of my favorite shows. I also rejoiced upon seeing him in that one Crusade episode, and more recently-ish-like his role in Hot Fuzz.
Very sad, remember him in breaker morant one of my favorite lines at the end was 'shoot straight you bastards..don't make a mess of it' and in la femme nikita TV show.
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