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Ed Wasser


Beyond the rim
Just wanted to drop by for a moment since I have some time (before I am pulled back in by my studies and go for many many more miles before I sleep
) and make this post.

Last week, I was watching the news, and who appears on my screen with his wife and child, none of than the loveable Shadow Agent himself!!
The report was on Ed's two year old son, and how he he is a natural at skateboarding. It took a few moments (by the time that the report was over) that it clicked in my head that I had just seen Ed Wasser. There was not any mention of Ed being an actor in the report. Luckily, I caught the report when it re-aired in the evening. Did anyone else see the report? And if you did, did you get it on tape?

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Can't say I saw that report, but it's nice to know he's still alive and well. That's cool how his son a great skateboarder, and theat they did a segment on him. Now, I wonder what Ed's been up to? I haven't heard anything about him for a long time.

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Just checked the IMDb board and it looks like he has not done anything on TV or in the movies since 96.

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