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Easter Egg on DVDs?


Whilst surfing around the other day I stumbled across this:

http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/releaseinfo.cfm?releaseID=1412 (Note the features)

Is there perhaps an Easter Egg(s) on the DVD set? I don't know what Warner Home Video are like with DVD eggs, but it would be cool to find some hidden extra on the set. Has anyone found anything and/or heard anything about there being an easter egg on the DVDs?
I read somewhere that if you press '5' on a certain menu, something special happens /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
Could you tell me which menu, and on which disc please? Otherwise I can kiss goodbye to a few hours of my life looking for it /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
I said I had HEARD - meaning that i don't know. As I don't have the dvd's myself to try out

and there can't be THAT many menues lol, it would only take 5 mins to find out i'm sure
I read somewhere that the Easter egg is an episode promo (or maybe two.) Unfortunately I don't remember which menu this is on, or where I read it. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif But it is definitely triggered by clicking on the B5 logo on the "background" of one of the menus and - as noted - there aren't that many submenus, so it shouldn't be hard to find. (I would look for it myself, but penury has forced me to order the set from Canada, which not only means waiting an extra week for the official release date there, but probably another week to allow for shipping all the way from the Great White North to the south end of Florida.)


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Try this link it has the info regarding the easter egg. Also of note on this page is how the review has changed since it was first posted. I think Joe was the first to report this in another thread, but go and have another look and most of the errors have now been taken out.

The easter egg info can be found in the speical feature sections near the bottom.
I cannot find the Easter Egg on the Region 2 DVDs. None of the "5"s do anything unexpected. /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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I cannot find the Easter Egg on the Region 2 DVDs


I too can not find anything on the DVD. I have been through all the menues on disc 6. I think it maybe only on the R1 version as a lot of reviews have mentioned that the special features also include a bio for JMS and I can't find that either.
I saw it, it's really just a small trailer but still cool.... It's on disc 6, under special features, The Universe of Babylon 5, Data Files...look for the green 5 to light up to the right of the screen about halfway down from your Alien race choices....

And yes, there is a J.M.S. bio as well as Doug Netter...on disc 1, special features it should have 3 choices, the J.M.S. intro, Executive Producer Douglas Netter (bio) and Executive Producer-Creator J. Michael Straczynski (bio)

That's on Region 1 at least can't say about any others....
I have the R1 DVD set and I still can't find that 5, but by your slightly more detailed comment of the egg than the website, I hope I will find it tonight.
I just finished watching The Quality of Mercy on the last disc. I started off by going to the menu to choose the episode. After the episode was over, when the credits came up, I pressed the chapter forward button on my remote and was taken to the preview for that episode. I haven't done this on every episode so there may very well be more on the other discs. Just thought I'd let you know I found one of the 'easter eggs'.
Just to clarify something re: the Easter Egg. The green "5" isn't visible until you've moved the cursor over it - sorta like the old "spoiler tag" here. You have to use the arrow keys to go to a part of the screen where there doesn't seem to be anything, just blank grey background. When you do, the green "5" lights up. Then you can hit enter and see the menu.

Sinclair, I don't think you've really found an "Easter Egg." It may just be something about how the tracks and chapters are arranged on the disc, and how your player reads the break points, because when I hit the button when the credits start, it takes me to the beginning of the next episode. Also it really isn't an Easter Egg (a hidden feature you have to search for) if you've just found an alternative way to get to something that can be accessed from the menu anyway. The episode promos aren't exactly hidden, after all. You can select the promo for any episode from the "episode" menu on each disc.


I just thought it was odd that it happened. Most of the other times when I pressed the chapter forward button it just took me to the next episode just like it did for you, but this was not the case on this particular one.