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EA Rep for the ISA?

"Kinda like what goes on at the UN.

Oh, a thought about why we don't see an Earth Rep at council meetings during the 5th season: EarthGov may be dragging their feet about appointing someone to the spot.
After all, there is certain to be some resentment over the way Sheridan & Delenn blackmailed Earth into the ISA in the first place."

yeah but the US doesn't have a military officer as the US Ambassador to the UN...rather they have a fully qualified rep from the State Dept nominated by the Pres and then confirmed by the Senate to represent the position of the US. Shouldn't Earth have had a similar situation with regards to B5, pre-independence? I gotta think that JMS either didn't want to complicate things with another "position" or character on B5...didn't want to budget the cash for another actor/actress or maybe just didn't care.
after all he was kinda sloppy in other "military" related matters... like the Omega's being DD's and the Hyperions CA's as brought up in the EA ships post. Maybe he just didn;t do his homework..or it was a "minor" point in the overall picture he had in his mind...

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