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Dylan Neal is online!!


Beyond the rim
I was just looking through the who's online thing at the bottom because I was bored out of my mind and then I saw that Dylan Neal is online. Well, yeah, I wanted to let everyone else know

My name: Solaris5....
My mission: to burst the bubble of idiocy that has enveloped everyone and bring common sense back from beyond the rim.
He was probably posting here at the time. I just read one of his posts earlier this evening.

Lorien: Who are you?
RW: The salad man.
Lorien: Why are you here?
RW: To be the salad ambassador.
Lorien: What do you want?
RW: Everyone to know the joys of salad.
Lorien: Do you have anything worth living for?
RW: Yes, my salad bars.

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