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tv zone a sci fi magazine in the uk has just put out date for b5lr dvd which comes out on the 22 july 2002they have been spot on before with stargate sg1 on the delivery dates no news from amazon or play247 the price is around £17.99 thi sis my 1st post of many more to come the babylon movie is only out on dvd not vhs
Well, the July 22nd date is more plausible than the "June" date that has also been attributed to TVZone, but I'm still dubious. No one is taking pre-orders for this allegedly announced disc, and there haven't been any stories in the DVD press about it on either side of the Atlantic as far as I can tell. Maybe TVZone got a scoop, or an early leak, or maybe they've just picked up a rumor or some tentative plans. If the disc is being released the later part of July Warner Bros. will have to notify retailers so they can book orders soon - like in the next week. Once they do that the specs will be all over the internet, a press release will likely go out and on-line dealers will start offering it for pre-order. Until all of this happens, I class this as just another rumor.

And this probably doesn't tell us anything one way or the other about a possible U.S. release. U.S. TV movies are often released on home video in the U.K. before they air over there. In the U.S. the situation is reversed. Warner Home Video may not be allowed to release the film on home video until The Sci-Fi Channel has aired it "x" number of times, or until 2003, 2004 or whatever the contract says. It all depends on the terms of their original deal. (With more and more TV product going to home video on DVD, contracts now often stipulate a delay in DVD release for each season until after a specified syndication window has passed - one reason it took us so long to get Buffy in the States. The same thinking may now apply to TV movies.)


Not to be an ass (well, okay, it is to be an ass /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif ), but there is already a thread about this right under this one.
yeah, but that one was getting bored - there needed to another one so that i would actually read it hahaha /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
We can always wait and see.
Here are my comments.

1. After it took them huge amounts of time to start with B5 disks, Warner seems... sort of unlikely to act this fast. I thought they would spend the first years wriggling out of their pile of paper, Shadow-eaten film rolls, backup floppies with CGI files, and red tape. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

2. If this rumor is true, more credit for Warner. I certainly hope that it's true, and the disk will do well in sales (which I shall do my part to assist in) reminding Warner that many things B5 can earn their production.

3. Warner may have accepted that not all movies need to earn profit from first-runs on networks. They may have changed their mind and accepted DVD, especially on international markets, as an equally profitable possibility.
I sure this rumor turns out to be true cause I wouldn't mind having it on dvd I am a hardened skeptic until I see it for myself.
Given that I started the other thread, I will jump back in here (as the other was getting bizarre never mind "bored").

Elsewhere on the Bravo forum there is a long thread on "New Show Ideas", and one of the suggestions from the floor was B5: Legend of the Rangers.

The initial response from "Matt" who is an official Bravo Spokesperson was ...

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>(18/01/2002) B5 Legend Of The Rangers... watch this space!<hr></blockquote>

A week later, a follow up from Matt stated ...

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>we won't be getting B5 Legend Of The Rangers as it will be coming out on video in the UK first & exclusively.<hr></blockquote>

So, it seems at this point that it is certainly coming to "video" (knowing our luck probably VHS only) and at this stage there will be no TV airing.

We Brits can only hope that it will be soon!

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>(knowing our luck probably VHS only)<hr></blockquote>

I suspect it may be DVD only. Warner Bros. quietly discontinued the B5 and Crusade VHS tapes last September, and sold off the remaining stock cheap, probably clearing the decks for a DVD release. And the TV Zone story - from the reports I've read - makes no mention of a VHS release. I think Warner Bros., at least in the UK, may have decided that the future of B5 is on disc, not on tape.



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