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DVD News

I am a member of the Columbia House DVD Club. They keep trying to sell me a collection of VHS's or DVD's of what ever show I want (that they carry). They list Babylon 5 as one of the choices but it is only available in VHS.

Well, they sent me another mailing Friday for this and Babylon 5 was listed as also being available in DVD.

I will still wait for the boxed set, but this seems to be great news.

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Columbia House you say? Hmm, that could be good news, but now I must look into this. It might just be The Gathering/In the Beginning

Was this 'The Gathering/In the Beginning' that was released Dec. '01 or season 1 episodes? Do you know?

I heard somewhere (read online?) that 'they' would release Season 1 in the fall of '02. This, to my knowledge has not been confirmed yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

edit: I haven't had enough coffee yet! geeze
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Columbia House releases movies and TV shows under license from the studios, and according to its own business model, which is very different than retail sales. From what I understand they are offering DVDs by subscription, just as they did with the VHS tapes. They are almost certainly starting with a version of The Gathering, though it may be on a single disc of its own, rather than a double-feature disc like the WB release. Then, every five or six weeks, the subscriber will receive a two-episode disc which can be returned at no charge.

Since they're just making the offer now, it will probably be awhile before they actually ship the first disc (they'll see what the response is before they start making the things; if it is poor, they'll cancel the release.) Then it will be at least another month before they ship disc 2. At this rate they may not beat Warner Home Video's rumored "fall" release date by much, if they beat it at all.

I'll try to give them a call tomorrow and get some details (like aspect ratio, extras, release dates.)

Whatever they're doing, it is unlikely to tell us much about what Warner Bros. will eventualy do, because their whole approach is so fundamentally different. They've released other series on these 2-episode DVDs that were released in boxed sets to the retail channel by the studio responsible. I'm not even sure if this tells us that the DVD masters are well along. If they're doing 4:3 only, with no extras, Columbia House could easily be porting the LD transfers to DVD and shoving the discs out the door.



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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino:
If they're doing 4:3 only, with no extras, Columbia House could easily be porting the LD transfers to DVD and shoving the discs out the door.

No, I'm not that lucky. If that were the case, I'd be able to complete my 4:3 collection and have the CGI without the major cropping at top & bottom.

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Joe, thanks for explaining this to everyone. I was going to try to myself, but I would probably have confused everyone even more.

All I know is, I WANT MY BOXED SETS.

Expect me when you see me.
Thank you for explaining that Joe,

I had no idea how that worked.

I'm nearly frothing just thinking about a nice long weekend and a whole box of Babylon 5 DVDs.

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