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DS9 -- Season Three


I had forgotten how good this season really was. The first seven episodes were all pretty good (except for Equilibrium, I'm not big fan of episodes that feature Dax's former lives). The funny thing was that I was seriously considering skipping this season, but it's probably better than either of the first two.
I am half-way through the DVDs and am enjoying it. Past Tense was pretty sweet. I think it's interesting how they don't resolve things on purpose just to be different from other Star Treks, like how the Jem Hadar kid is never redeemed.

I am seeing all of these for the first time. :)
The season three finale is the dog's bollocks. :) I'll be interested to see what you think of that.
I guess that's good? (Guessing by the :) as opposed to a :devil: or :p .)


Yes, it's a very British phrase meaning "really quite good indeed".
I have no idea why, or the origin og the phrase.

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