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DS9 joy


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I got my first Trek TV DVDs today, DS9 season five. I've waited ages for this bloody things, and they've finally come out!

And Amazon have gotten me them on the day of release, now that's good! :)
Your first Trek DVDs are DS9 season 5? What happened to 1-4?

Anyway, I've been enjoying the shit out of them. I'm on season 5, disc 3. My schedule doesn't allow for more than one evey couple of days (though with Monday Night football canceled I may have me a little marathon tonight). I don't mind because by the time I was done with season 4, season 5 just came out.

I think 6 comes out in a week or two. Sweet.
Wow, I have another set of DS9 to get now. I haven't had the time to watch any for this entire semester. I buy the dvd's then loan them to friends. :(

When I take time to watch a DVD it's either been a movie lately, or "Yes, Minister". :D :cool:

I'll get back to DS9 eventually, though. It really was a good series. When I burn out on The Next Generation episodes on the Spike network, I'll watch more DS9. :D
Your first Trek DVDs are DS9 season 5? What happened to 1-4?

Well I go on run throughs. I was watching them with my folks, then go up to the end of season four on video a couple of months ago. I decided it'd be good to wait, then switch to DVD for optimal quality. And here I am.

I haven't bought any TNG yet, I'm waiting for the price to drop. The same with DS9... well seasons 1 - 4 at least. :)
We have TNG on every day here, several hours of it. So it'll be awhile before I pay the bucks to buy it on dvd.

Back when Trek was good. ;)
I have all seven seasons of TNG and the 5 seasons of DS9 that have been released .With s6 to come out in about a week.It will be DS9 joy when I have the complete set. :D

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