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DS9 : Better than I remembered. WOW!


I just finished watching 7 years worth of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DVD). WOW. I remembered it was a good show, but forgot just how good. The Dominion War continuing story was excellent of course, but so too were the stand-alone short story episodes. The only "flaws" were season one which was filled with a lot of crap...and the ending to the 6-episode season 6 arc: having the wormhole aliens save the humans was a huge disappointment. Overall though I consider DS9 as the best series ever produced with "Trek" in the title. Solid stories/outstanding acting/tons of variety episode-to-episode.

Final Tally:
DS9: 131 episodes I liked/176 produced = 74%

B-5: 90/112= 80%
DS9:131/176= 74%
TOS: 55/79 = 70%
TNG:105/178= 59%
There were 110 B5 episodes. Area you counting two of the TV movies?

You seemed to keep up with the numbers pretty well. I'd be interested in your season-by-season breakdown of episodes liked. I'm guessing B5's numbers are heavier in the middle three seasons.

Also, I'm curious to know which 22 (or 20) episodes of B5 you did *not* like.
Hee. Interesting numbers. I've never done anything like that.

I just generally keep a "league table" in my head of my best shows. I find that it's after the show has finished that is the telling sign. Does the show stick on my list? Or does the show drop?

DS9 remains to this day my #1 show.

Buffy, for example, peaked at #2, but is down somewhere at #5 or #6 now.

DS9 passed the hold test. Buffy has failed. :)

Just two examples. :D
I also like the fact we are able to learn more about the Federation covert operations Section 31. It shows that Star Fleet is not too different from the Romulans with the Tal Shiar, or Cardassians and their Obsidian Order. In fact, it shows that Federation Security is better at keeping Section 31 a secret from their own citizens than the Cardassians and Romulans are.

It helps to tie together a loose end from the STNG episode "The Pegasus." I see now which covert operations section was probably responsible for building the phased cloak.
I need to get back to watching my DS9 DVD's but there never is any time. And now that I'm part of netflix, the situation is even worse. :rolleyes:

But I would say DS9 is one of the better treks, yes. Did it go on for 7 years? OR was it 5?
DS9, like all completed Treks after the original series, ran for seven years.
(I answer questions more eagerly when you cater to my ego by quoting me in your sig ;) )

I don't have the patience to calculate anything like RCmodeler, but I would guess my numbers and ranking are pretty much the same, with Farscape being somewhere between original Trek and DS9. However, if you want to get really accurate, you should scale each episode to consider just how good the better episodes are. For example, while DS9 had less bad episodes and was therefore more consistent (due to the arc), TNG's best are, IMO, better than the best of DS9, which in my book doesn't have anything that beats the intense Greek tragedy of Warf's epic tale with his people (much more effective than its continuation in DS9), the emotional poignancy of The Inner Light, and the outright cleverness of the one where they relive the same day ending with the ship being destroyed.
Au contraire'! I think DS9's "The Visitor" FAR outshines TNG's "Inner Light" and while Worf's "Sins of the Father" arc was entertaing, I preferred his DS9 episodes... especially the final 10-episode story. And of course, DS9 does a MUCH better job developing its side characters like Nog, O'Brien, and Garak (where Crusher & Troi are almost non-existent set dressing). Overall, DS9 is the best Trek imho. It took risks and was consistently good.

And finally, I could rank each episode individually (0-10), but it wouldn't make much difference overall. It's easier to just say, "Yes I liked it" or "No that sucked" and then tally the total.

BTW, my favorite B5s are seasons 3/4/5...at least in terms of # of likeable episodes.

There were 110 B5 episodes. Area you counting two of the TV movies?
I counted the pilots "Emissary" "Encounter Farpoint" and "Gathering" as 2 episodes each.
I counted the pilots "Emissary" "Encounter Farpoint" and "Gathering" as 2 episodes each.
Ok....so that would make 111 B5 episodes if you did that, not 112. :)

No, it's 112 counting that way. The Gathering was not part of the 22 episode first season, which started with Midnight on the Firing Line.
Oh shit, Pillowrock just served you! You gonna take that?

Ok, I'll give you The Visitor (the fact that I even an episode by name means it's very memorable). It was very, very good. The actor that played future-Jake became more than just a TV staple in my eyes but a really talented dude.
I counted the pilots "Emissary" "Encounter Farpoint" and "Gathering" as 2 episodes each.
Ok....so that would make 111 B5 episodes if you did that, not 112. :)
If you're going to correct someone else's mistakes, PLEASE GET IT RIGHT!

110 episodes
+ The Gathering (a pilot - counts as 2)
112 total


Your correction was the equivalent of this:

RCMODELER: 2 + 2 = 4
Ok....that would be 3, not 4. :)
Oh shit, Pillowrock just served you!
I'm not sure what is more disturbing GKE, the fact I made that little mistake, or the fact that you actually said that he "served me." For shame GKE...for shame...

Oh, and "RCmodeler" relax a bit k? My correction to you wasnt nearly as condescending as yours, I was just teasing you about it. The fact that I forgot that the gathering wasnt counted in the original 22 episodes is a simple mistake, no need to be an ass about it. Maybe you should take that attitude of yours back to the Trek BBS's where it probably came from? :p
First Recoil gets served. Then he serves RCModeler right back.

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Sorry, not trying to stir up stuff even more; just couldn't resist the South Park reference, especially since it was fresh on my mind.
Yeah, exactly, that's why I said that. I've had the damn episode in my head since it was on and have been going around saying that to everyone.
Like at work:
"Yo, your process didn't complete as efficiently as mine. You got served!"
I remembered you making that post about South Park in the other thread GKE, so I figured I would give you a little shit for it. Either way, in truth I can't diss you for making a "South Park" reference as that show owns. Its not like you quoted "Friends" or anything... :)
hah! Ew.

Here's my attempt to quote Friends:
"Ah, Rachel, I, um, love you, or something."

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