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Dreaming of Babylon 5


Beyond the rim
Hi Everyone,

Having now shown my other half all 110 eps of B5, the four TV movies and LotR, I was discussing Crusade with her in bed last night (We're so wild) and talking about the notes, suggestions and changes the company forced.

This moring she told me about the dream she had. We were watching Crusade on DVD, in the order so that we had five eps. then the costume change. When the 6th Ep. started the new uniform was StarTrek style skin tight Lycra, in black and white Polkadots.

She has bizzare dreams all the time but that tickled me.

Anyone else have any dreams about B5?

I had once this dream (21.03.2002 to be exact) where I was an Starfury pilot. I flew to the area where Battle of the line was in memory to all those that died there. The year was 2267 or 2268. Then there was a couple of Sharlin cruisers and some wingmen. We had a little chatter etc.

The other B5 dream (7.04.2002) was kinda.. well strange. I was in the same room with Vir Cotto and Na'Toth. We were talking something about Centauri-Narn relationships and about Babylon 5 station in general.

Then there was some B5 related dreams (same characters etc.) but nothing major. And yes, if someone is intrested why I know when I saw them... Well.. I tend to write down my dreams if I remember them. It's funny and interesting "hobby" actually.
the four TV movies and LotR

Actually there are 6 B5 movies. Well, 3 actually if you count The Gathering as part of the actual Babylon 5 series, A Call to Arms as part of the actual Crusade series, and The Legend of the Rangers as part of the actual Legend of the Rangers series (Which, as we all know, never came into existance). The others are Thirdspace, In the Beginning, and River of Souls. ;)

Oh, and to answer your question. No, I can't say that I've ever had a dream about B5. :rolleyes:
I was counting them as four TV movies, and two feature length pilot episodes.

I count A Call To Arms as a seperate entity to Crusade because althought the movie sets up the situation, I wouldnt class it as an episode of Crusade.

Babylon 5: The Gathering
Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight
both feel like Feature length episodes of B5 and LotR

But then I suppose River of Souls and Thirdspace feel like Feature Eps to me and In The Beginning kind of does.

So 1 movie and 5 Feature Eps

Tell you what, we'll call it a draw before this Pedanticness draws blood. :p

I haven't really dreamed of B5 as such.

I have had Jason Carter turning up a couple of times and Marcus another couple of times. Strangely I know exactly who it is I'm dreaming about.

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