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Drawn Together


Has anyone else seen this?

I've found it very hit or miss. Each moment seems either incredibly funny or ho hum boring. If you are offended by...well anything you may want to skip this.

Last night was pretty freaking funny and extremly offensive. A mix of gay jokes(i.e. Elmer Fudd seducing and blowing a character) and sweatshop humor(a Pikachu look alike being forced to sew shoes).

Very odd, very offensive and depending on your sense of humor very funny.
I've only seen this once and found it to be not only hilarious, but also very wrong...which I assume is the point. :D

I'd watch the show consistently if I didn't already watch Lost and Boston Legal. And football, of course.
I watched the second and third episode. The former was pretty funny. The whole thing is delightfully stupid.

Funniest character: the princess. Love the bit where they prove how naive she is.

"So... he died on the cross for our sins? Ok, makes sense to me" :LOL:
She is great.

"She's attacking me like I'm the English language."
"Seperate water fountains means less waiting for everybody."
Just not very funny this week. Four out of six have had me literally laughing out loud, one ok and then this weeks bomb(pun intended). My only concern is that they've shot their wad and won't have enough material for too much more.
Yep, not very good, maybe out of ideas, which I was afraid of. But I'll still keep watching, if only for Cara's racist remarks.
Ooh there's more. I thought 5 episodes was all there was in season one. I look forwrd to downloading some more.

I love the show. Episode 2 dragged a bit, but otherwise I've not been bored with any of them. I just adore how morally bad it all is. :D

Very, very quotable too.
I caught a little bit of the retard episode and noticed something funny. The song lyrics for the little Pokemon thing,"And the children sing kill, kill, kill, kill, die, die, die". I'm considering making it my signature. I can't decide on that or one of Princess Clara's wonderful remarks. If I go with "Is that one of your jive words like emancipation" I'm afraid people won't get that I'm joking.