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Drakh Ships



Drakh Ships

How powerful are the Drakh ships? I know the raiders are about 1/2 as powerful as a Whitstar, but how powerful are thier cruisers? In war Zone, a Cruiser took down an OCD, but not before it took enough damage to be forced onto a planet.

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Re: Drakh Ships

I have no technical info to go on, but I would assume that the Drakh are probably at technological equivilency with the Minbari. Both races have access to organic or semi-organic technology, though the Drakh are probably a little further along since they have access to leftover Shadowtech. Having nothing else to go on but the shows and movies, I'd say that a Drakh cruiser is comparable to a Minbari War Cruiser. Just a guess. Someone else can probably offer a more well-thought-out answer.

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Re: Drakh Ships

Drakh mobile bases do look pretty awesome - tens of kilometers in size, they have a great amount of defenses and serve as a base to tens of Drakh cruisers (which in turn carry many raiders).

Luckily they are only comparable in size (not armour, weapons or power output) to a Vorlon planetkiller. They are vulnerable and clumsy in battle and mainly do their work using cruisers (which are not that great in battle and rely heavily on Drakh raiders). Drakh mobile bases are few & far between (maybe 2 or 3) but together they can take on a lightly protected planet.

A Drakh cruiser and its raiders were wasted by less than 10 White Stars - a force with which one shouldn't even go near a Sharlin cruiser and its fighter wing in a hostile mood.

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Re: Drakh Ships

The Drakh suffer from the fatal flaw inherent in the Master/Slave command structure they inherited from the Shadows. It strangles the initiative and creativity necessary in a successful Commanding Officer of a warship.

They rely too much on overwhelming force and striking from Ambush. When the victim departs from the "script", they perform poorly.

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Re: Drakh Ships

the Crusiers are only slightly more powerfull than the standard Omega .. assuming that omega wasent damaged BEFORE it started chasing the crusier

the crusier are aimed at Fighter support or carrier more than full out war and since there fighters are so powerfull its no wounder why

the Excalaber Wnt up against 3 crusiers

thats 3 crusier + 120 Raiders.... Thats A LOT of fire power

luckly the excalaber carries 56 t bolt fighters and the VCD type ships have a very good anti fighter defence

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Re: Drakh Ships

Well from the Centauri tril

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>they were able to give plans to puppets to improve Centauri ships. </font></td></tr></table>

This would seem to indicate they are somewhere between the Centauri of B5 time period and the Minbari.

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