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Draal on Enterprise


The last episode of Enterprise featured a Klingon doctor played by the same actor who was the second Draal.

... and that was my bit of geeky fandom for the week
John Schuck is no stranger to Star Trek, either... he's probably best-known for playing the Klingon Ambassador in Star Treks IV and VI. His delivery of the line "know this -- there shall be NO PEACE so long as Kirk lives!" is one of my favorite Klingon lines in all of Trekdom.

He also had a role in DS9 as Cardassian Legate Parn in "The Maquis: Part 2," and was in an episode of Voyager ("Muse").
Yea, when I saw him as the second Draal, I said "Hey! Its the Klingon Ambassador!"

That is one of my favorite Trek lines too.
A friend and I were watching Enterprise, and he said "Who's that?" I immediately recognized the voice and said "Draal." He does have a sort of a drawl...
I always remember John Schuck from the old MacMillan and Wife series (starring Rock Hudson and Susan St. James and Nancy Walker)
I was particularly pleased that his Klingon makeup this time made him look quite different than the Klingon many of us are more familar with him being.