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Dr Who - Voyage of the Damned



I liked it. Glad it wasn't another alien invasion story like the last two. Nice reference of 42. You would think the Doctor would be wary of angels after 'Blink'. Shame the Tardis doesn't have a recall button.

Very interesting look at the next season. Ood and someone with another sonic screwdriver. Did I spot Sarah-Jane in there as well?




I loved it. Less funny than the last two christmas episodes, but overall, a much better story.
Things that rocked, aside from the obvious:
* The Doctor seeing that we're, once again, heading for London .. and groaning before any of us can.
* Buckingham Palace and the Queen.
* The doctor, once again, promises to save his companion .. and for once .. he can't do it.
* It was great to see Clive Swift (Mr. Copper) again. It took me 2/3rds of the episode to remember where I knew him from - Keeping up Appearances.
* Earthology

I'm also thrilled about the fourth season. The trailer reminded me just how much I love Donna.
Great guest stars, an ok plot and some nice acting by Kylie. All a bit overly silly, but in good fun. I loved the fact that London was deserted on Christmas as aliens 'keep' attacking. That was inspired.

I belive it was Earthonomics Chilli !
All a bit overly silly, but in good fun.

Russelll T Davies has as much as said in the past that that is what we are going to get from him on Christmas Day, because that's the sort of thing that people like to veg out in front of after a hard days eating and drinking ... the audience figures seem to suggest he is probably right.

Unfortunately, we were entertaining our two year old twin Niece and Nephew at that time on Christmas Day, so I have a vague notion that they were on a spaceship shaped like the Titanic, Geoffrey Palmer was the Captain and there was a forklift truck and a spiky redhead involved. Beyond that I have no clue what was going on. Fortunately, it appears there are a couple of repeat showings on New Year's Day.
I just remembered something else.

I noticed they had jazzed up the theme tune. I hope that is not staying for the next season, I liked it fine as it was.
Yeah, it was a bit over-produced. I'm sure I will get used to it. I see the point GH, Chirstmas is not a time for deep sci-fi allegory.