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Saw this flick last night on cable- damn what a movie!

I watched it because it has Nicole Kidman and Patricial Clarkson and other good actors. The opening hooked me right away- it's basically a filmed play, literally. It all takes place on a "stage," and there are no sets, just drawings representing things. The people are costumed appropriately and there are props and things, but that's it.

The story is about a woman (Kidman) who runs away from the mob and ends up in this super-small town. One of the residents convinces the town to hide her. At first she endears herself to them but then, as the mob and cops intensify their search for her, they all take advantage of her.

On top of everything, there is a narrator who is heard throughout, and there are 9 "chapters." No subtlety- the whole thing acts like a morality play.

The ending is awesome- I guessed what would happen, but then they threw in an additional twist that kinda shocked me.

This movie is just really entertaining for those of us who like to dwell on how awfully rotten the human soul really is.
Thanks. I'm getting tired of Netflixing British comedies. This sounds like a movie worth seeing.

I can put up with some extreme violence if the story and characters merit it. Like in "Se7en".
Well there isn't really a lot of extreme violence. A couple of moments out of 3 hrs (did I mention this flick was long?)
I want to see it. It sounds like a film that people love or hate, but Kidman is my favourite actress and I want to watch it just for that.

As Mighty has pretty good tastes, then it's encouraged me to see it. :)

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