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Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

You do realise those scenes was two lesbians romancing each other?
It was also setting up Psi Corps and written for Lyta.

I don't bite.

While it wouldn't even perhaps raise an eyebrow if Winters would've been male and he'd been obsessing for Ivanova, I find it extremely unlikely that Winters has a gaydar so strong that she'd get Ivanova. One could of course argue that she scanned her - except that I think that Ivanova would've picked that up and spaced her from where she stood.

Besides, if Winters would've been driven by Control, it'd be a whole helluwa lot easier for a dame like that to hitch up with a man from high in the command.

The salesman angle that Jade Jaguar suggests might explain it a bit. The Corps seem to have this twisted push to suck up to people, complitely disregarding how people usually get acquainted. Like Harriman, who almost spilled his life's story with the first handshake.
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Well, actually, both the characters are pretty clearly bisexual. Talia had the relationship with Jason Ironheart, and presumably others. Ivonova had the relationship with...uhm...that british guy with "Earth First" in season 1, and clearly wanted one with Marcus. Seems Ivonova mostly prefered men.

If we assume that Talia was intended to be Control all along (She wasn't), then it makes sense for Psicorps to have done a lot of research on all the comand staff on B5. They'd have complete psychological evaluations of all the career officers anyway, and so it'd be easy for them to discover if Ivonova had a weakness for icy, curvy blondes, and capitalize on that.
Going back to the topic, i've just discovered an anime which was produced from 1988 to 2000.
Don't let the title fool you, it's not a comedy :D , it is an anime adaptation of a 10 novels, making it very similar to B5 in that aspect. In total, there's 160 episodes and a few movies, i've seem only 30 episodes so far, but it seem to be a very good series already.

Moreover, if you search reviews online, it seem many people considers it japan' B5 the same way gundam is their starwars.
"babylon 5" "legend of galactic heroes"