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Doctor Who - it's official

Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Gallifrey and the Time Lords weren't retconned into the series until the end of the second Doctor's run. None of it was really planned that way in the beginning. Originally it was intended to be more educational, which is why many of the Hartnell stories are historicals. But once the Daleks showed up, they realised they could capitalise on the scifi angle. As for the Time Lord mythos, that was never fully explored until Tom Baker's time as the Doctor.

And no, Rose hasn't been cast yet. I'll keep us posted.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Actually, the first times they showed use anything of import into the Gallifrey and the Time Lords was actually under Pertwee. A main one being The Three Doctors.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Well, if you want to get technical, it was actually the last Troughton story "The War Games" in which they were introduced. The Doctor himself was forced to make contact with "his people" because he was in a situation over his head. As a result, his contacting them was to be his undoing - because he was a renegade, after all. It was the Time Lords (on Gallifrey) who erased his companions' memories and then exiled him to Earth, leaving him without a dematerialisation circuit or the knowledge of how to use his TARDIS.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

From the BBC Press Office

Billie Piper is confirmed to play Rose Tyler, companion to Doctor Who, it was announced today by Julie Gardner, Head of Drama, BBC Wales.
The former singer who made her acting debut last year in the critically-acclaimed BBC ONE drama serial Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale, will star alongside Christopher Eccleston in the forthcoming 13-part drama series which returns to BBC ONE early next year.
Julie Gardner says: "Billie is beautiful, funny and intelligent. We needed to find a unique, dynamic partner for Christopher Eccleston, and Billie fits the bill perfectly. "She will make an extraordinary Rose Tyler. Doctor Who has his new assistant!"
Piper, who also received critical-acclaim for her role in Bella and the Boys, a one-off drama for BBC TWO, is currently starring opposite Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom in The Calcium Kid.
"Doctor Who is an iconic show and I am absolutely thrilled to be playing the part of Rose Tyler," says Billie Piper. "I am also looking forward to working with Christopher Eccleston and writer Russell T Davies."
Executive producer/writer, Russell T Davies, adds: "The Doctor's companion is one of the most important and cherished roles in the history of TV drama. "I'm delighted that someone of Billie's talent is coming on board the Tardis, to travel through time and space."
Filming in Cardiff later this year for transmission on BBC ONE, Doctor Who is written by Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Paul Cornell and Robert Shearman. The producer is Phil Collinson and executive producers are BBC Controller of Continuing Drama Series, Mal Young; Head of Drama, BBC Wales, Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies.
For further information about Billie Piper, Doctor Who and past companions, visit bbc.co.uk/doctorwho.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Billie Piper eh, who'd of thought it...
But then i thought again, shes got the looks, and she was quite good in the Canterbury tales. I'm still not sure she's the best for the role, but in the UK she does attract a lot of media attention (failed pop career, married young to an ugly rich older DJ), so thias a bonus. As an actress she may be ok.

I guess she does have that ballsy middle-class rich girl thing going on.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

I know this is ressurecting an old thread, but I have another scarf for sale on Ebay. Find it here .

Also, it has been confirmed that the Daleks will not be in the new Dr Who. At least, not at the moment. Terry Nation's estate couldn't come to an agreement with the BBC.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Hi CE,

When Dr Who new Series was initially announced, No Daleks were possible. Then, there were negotiations, and we were told it was possible. ScifiWire put up a blurb a few days ago saying it was a no-go, so the negotiations must have fallen apart.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

That is gonna suck big time if they don't give in and fork over. I am a major Who fan, and while I'm giddy as a school boy over the new Who, it wouldn't be the same without the Daleks. Someone needs to cave and make it happen.

Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Sorry, don't have a link, but here's the text someone else copied.

No Daleks In New Who

The BBC confirmed that the Daleks will not appear in a new Doctor Who TV series after a failure to reach a deal with the estate of late SF writer Terry Nation, who created the metal monsters. The talks reportedly broke down over issues of editorial control, the BBC reported.

A BBC spokeswoman said, "After lengthy negotiations, the BBC and Terry Nation have been unable to reach an agreement on the terms of the use of the Daleks."

The Terry Nation estate said it was "bitterly disappointed," the BBC reported.

The Daleks were voted TV's most evil villains in a poll last year. The Who series, from writer Russell T. Davies, is set for release on BBC One in early 2005.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

Well, you lot missed out on the last scarf as it was bought by The Who Shop International and has been added to their costume for hire stock. It may yet turn up on TV :)

Fear not.

I have another scarf on Ebay. This time a season 18 scarf. Check it out here.
Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official

That is great, Elenopa. :cool:

I confess, living in the desert makes me wear scarves... well... never... but I think the idea is very cool. Keep up the good work! :D
Re: Daleks will be back afterall

Yea! :cool:

I hope it's real. I can't imagine how the Daleks could be of any use to anyone apart from someone writing a new Dr. Who series. What on earth was the problem in the negotiations, I wonder. :confused:

But: yea! :cool:

I have fond childhood memories of the Dalek episodes...

O.K. so I never saw Dr. Who until I was in college. :eek:

I still have fond childhood memories of them. :D
Re: Daleks will be back afterall

Me too, Hyp! :D

And to prove that guy who hated the SW pre-quels wrong about no one saying this....YIPPEEEEE!

Although I do agree with each and everything he bitched about.

I just wanted to say....YIPPEEEEE!

Although, and this is very fitting to the SW pre-quels, have noticed that YIPPEEEE is one letter away from yipeeee!



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