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Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog...


... is a 3-part mini series being shown on the internet until midnight tonight (20th July):


I would have posted it sooner, but I only saw it yesterday, and only found out it was showing until midnight tonight just now. After then, I think it's going to be released on DVD.

My favourite quote is in Act II, just after Captain Hammer says "These are not the hammer..."
See...I think saying like "genius" is WAY overstating it. Its a nice Internet movie with some recognizable faces. It isn't the second coming people. But God, go to whedonesque.com and they are all saying its the bestest thing ever!!

Lets not over hype this here too please. Its nice. Its a good Internet movie. It isn't anything groundbreaking for Whedon though, and lets not get started on how this will change the industry --- it wont. It was a fun little side project though.
I usually hate Whedon, as much discussed elsewhere, but I really really enjoyed this, and to me it really does have a touch of the genius to it, especially as it was made on a shoe-string. Who cares what it will do to the medium, it was just a fantastic little bubble that existed for its own sake.

So there ;)
The ending caught me by surprise. Which goes to tell you how good Whedon is at sucker-punching his audience. I've fallen for his same trick four or five times now...

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