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do you think that lorien ....


Marcus was always meant to die. If Ivanova would have stayed, it would have contributed to her part in the season 5 story arc. Ivanova was always meant to be the character who always experiences tragedy with love, losing everyone she holds dear. This is in contrast to another character who was on the brink, but found his redemption with love: Garibaldi.

Lorien could not have known of Marcus' death. He is powerful, but cannot see the future, at least as far as we know. Maybe it's possible, but nothing of the sort has been suggested on the show.

If the comment was about Marcus, then it was meant for the audience, more than for Ivanova. That is, it was foreshadowing, and a layering of themes that makes the show interesting on repeated viewings. Damnit, I want those DVDs!

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Look at it this way:

Lorien is The oldest living being in our Galaxy. A Billion years old or more.

He's been in love, lost his lover to tragedy, fallen out of love, come to Hate someone he once loved, etc.
i.e. Been There, Done That!
In a billion years, you have time to make a Lot of mistakes.
And even more time to regret them.

He can see that Ivanova has closed her heart to love.
Can see that she is denying her attraction to Marcus out of fear of being hurt again and that Marcus truly Does love her.

Lorien was trying to tell Ivanova to Take the happiness that is being offered.
Lorien doesn't know the future, but he has enough experience to know that, particularly considering the dangers of their respective professions, Ivanova and Marcus are unlikely to have many other chances to be Happy.
Either or both of them could be killed at any time.

"Better to have loved and lost", etc.

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Do you think that lorien was warning ivanova about the fate of marcus when
he was telling her the following :-

"To live on as we have is to leave behind joy, and love, and companionship, because we know it to be transitory, of the moment. We know it will turn to ash. Only those, whose lives are brief can imagine that love .. is eternal. .. You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received."

i think he was telling her to do things with him because life isnt eternal ???

sheridan knows ... but what remains to be seen is wether he knows that he knows ......
lorien -- into the fire
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Probably not, since Marcus's fate was partially down to whether or not Claudia Christian signed on for season five IIRC. I think that it was said there were two ways to handle Ivanova's depature from the series - one which was convincing, and another which wasn't. I believe I read this in B5 mag, anyway.

Hope that that hasn't confused the issue.

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I think that hes simply being generic. He was saying that you can only trully appricet waht may be lost or that you may not be able to have. Since his people are imortal they do not have to worry about losing the ones they love. There for they cannot apprieciate the true wonder fo loving someone with all your heart because you never know if they will be there tommorow. For him a loved one will always be there so ther is no hurry.

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