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Disappearing new post markers

Jade Jaguar

Since the board changed, I have had a problem with all new post markers disappearing. When I log on, everything is fine. I can read all I want, and everything functions properly. If I reply to a post, when I return to the topic list, it looks as if everything has been read, even if I had not opened other topics. Then, when I go back to the main index, usually, but not always, that too will not indicate any new, unread posts, but sometimes it still does. If I then log off from the main index, and log back in, the main index does again indicate the unread posts in all forums except the one I had posted in. This will only happen with the first time I reply after a log in. If I don't have to log out and back in to get the markers back, making more replies in other forums doesn't make the new post indicators go away. Any ideas what's up with that?
If you enter a forum, the main index is *supposed* to not have any more "new posts" markers for that forum. But the topic list for that forum should still show those topics you haven't clicked on as unread. Any ideas, mods/admins?
Have the privacy settings on your browser and firewall etc been set to allow cookies from B5TV.com?
Are the B5TV.COM cookie(s) kept when you log out?

If the cookies are corrupt you may need to delete them.
I assume it isn't a cookie problem, because I've never had such a problem in the past, on the same computer. The problem happens when I post a reply to a topic, then return to the topic list in the same forum, and the unread topics no longer show as having new posts, even though I had not opened those other topics, and they had shown as having new posts before I posted a reply to another topic in the same forum.