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"Die Hippie, Die!".- SP Season Eight


\"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

"Cartman tries to eliminate hippies from the face of the earth in an all new episode of “South Park,” entitled "Die Hippie, Die," premiering Wednesday, March 16 at 10:00 p.m."

Awesom-e I guess, a Cartman focused episode. Those are always good. Last week's season premiere totally sucked, it didn't get one laugh out of me. And we are talking South Park here. Mr. Garrison a transsexual? Yeah real shocking... I sure hope this season doesn't make me wish the series was cancelled "while it was still good".

- "Dude, is kyle's dad a dolphin?"
- "A jewphin."

Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

Yeah sometimes it seems like they lose track of being funny to follow just how weird they can make something. I caught a rerun last night that had the same problem, making those Queer Eye guys crab people. It wasn't funny just odd.
Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

I guess I enjoy absurdity in a good amount of my humor: I thought having the Queer Eye guys turn out to be crab-people plotting to take over the world to be hillarious.
Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

I missed the first few minutes, but what I saw of this ep was a pretty mediocre by-the-numbers ep. Another "miss" in my book.
Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

Indeed. Not witty at all. Did the good writers leave this season?

I think it's indeed time to cancel...
Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

I think it's indeed time to cancel...

Whoa!!! That's a bit hasty.

There have only been two episodes in season 9 so far. The Mr. Garrison sex change episode was pretty horrible, but the hippie episode was at least mediocre.

I've noticed that South Park is best when they have "theme" episodes, when they dig deep into a topic and spoof it like crazy. It's been slow news lately, so there's not as much good stuff to spoof. I don't know how funny it would be to spoof Bush trying to save Social Security.

And don't forget how good the episodes were just one season ago in s8. Good Times with Weapons (the ninja episode), The Jeffersons (the Michael Jackson spoof episode), and Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes (which as far as I'm concerned, is a Wal-Mart documentary) were three of the best episodes they've ever done.

Also good were AWESOME-O (except for the part where Cartman makes up Adam Sandler movie ideas), Up the Down Steroid (the special olympics episode where Jimmy does steroids), You Got F'd in the A (the dance episode with Butters' trauma), Douche and Turd (which actually taught a good lesson about elections--that they're always between a douche and a turd, so get used to it and vote anyway), Quest for Ratings (the spoof of network news), and Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset (which was a great Paris Hilton commentary until Mr. Slave made it gross and creepy).

The remaining five episodes were at least mediocre. The closest any of them came to being a dud was the Trent Boyett episode, and even that had a few redeeming moments.

Give them a chance. I'm sure they'll get back on their game by some point in season 9.
Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

Yeah, season eight was awesome. Awesome-O was my favourite. The thing is I really don't want SP to become another Simpsons, and I see the signs already. The "Cartman picking on Kyle" thing is getting tiring and childish, being typically offensive without being funny anymore “we need a black man to sacrifice!”, using obvious plots such as exterminating Hippies (we all know Cartman hates hippies).

I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Re: \"Die Hippie, Die!\".- SP Season Eight

Okay, I'll admit, last night's talent agency episode was another miss. That's three in a row. That's not good. I'm not giving up on them yet, but this season, so far, is not up to the standards set last season.