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Did the B5LR telemovie already air???

Yes I have been living under a rock all summer and now that I'm back I am totally confused. Before reading all these posts to figure out if B5 Legend of the Rangers aired already, could someone just let me know.

I tried looking for articles on the first page but they're all about some Showtime series named Jeremiah. And, these posts are dealing with races/storylines no one was mentioning 4 months ago so that leads me to believe I missed the series. Did I?

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u havent missed anything, the movie wont air until January according to what i heard... and Jerimah is suppose to be the show that couldn't be named... it sounds good to me... im gonna order showtime just for that abd SG-1

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No, you haven't missed it. The movie isn't expected to air until sometime early next year. (The Sci-Fi Channel told the TV Critics Association that it would debut January 2nd back in July, now TV Guide is reporting that it is scheduled for January 1st, which doesn't sound right to me. New Year's day is usually given over to "special holiday programming" not the premiere of major TV movies.) The Sci-Fi website has not yet listed an official date.

The speculation you're reading is just that - speculation. Some of it based on spoilers in Antony's reporting on the series detail pages, some of it on rumors from other sources. The main page news stories are mostly about Jeremiah because there hasn't been a lot of Rangers news to report lately. There is, however, a link to a recent interview that JMS did with Prevue Magazine on-line that you might find interesting.



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