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Did Sheridan Misuse His Authority?

Thanks for the reminder. I didn't realize there was such a forum here. So much new has been added.

watched “No Surrender, No Retreat” I wondered about Sheridan’s legal authority to involve the Rangers and the White Star fleet in that campaign.

It's a while since I watched the episode, but didn't Sheridan go to great lengths to avoid using the White Stars and other alien ships in the attack on Earth? He only used rebel Earthforce ships on the final attack.

The White Stars were left to deal with the hybrid Shadow ships, and Mars. The latter could be justified by saying he was working with the Mars Resistance, who invited him to use whatever resources were required to 'liberate' them from the occupying forces.

Or have I got totally the wrong end of the stick here? :)
I think you got it locked down Demon. Sheridan did make sure that it was only EarthForce ships that took on Earth in the final battle. Once Clark killed himself, that battle ended and he called in the coalition of worlds's ships to help try and take out the planetary defense network before it got to blast the planet itself. But the battle at Earth was only Earth ships. White Star ships were used at Mars and against the Shadow-Earth hybrid ships purposefully to hold as many of the EarthForce ships in ready for use against Earth directly. Similarly, I would say that the White Stars were used in the liberation of Proxima. Mars and Proxima being declared independent states, it wasn't a direct Earth v. Earth battle, but a free coalition of worlds v. Earth.

(Of course, my memory is subject to failure, but that's how I remember things going.)
Well, kind of. Both at Mars and the Earth colonies, he used alien ships against Earth forces. And just because they had "declared" independence, doesn't make it any more or less legal.

Sheridan was aware of the symbolism of having Minbari ships attacking Earth itself. So he kept it a pure Earth forces fight.

The ultimate goal was to restore the law and the institutions of Earth from the hands of somebody who had killed the president and broken lots of other laws. They tried to minimize casualties. And they were prepared to answer for their actions in a court of law. With those requirements in place, it's a coup d'etat that I'd support.