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Did any of you guys see Wayne Alexander...


...in that AT&T mLife commercial during the second half of the Super Bowl today? Ive never seen him in anything except B5 until just then. Kinda cool seeing him there.
I saw the commercial but didn't think anything of it until you mentioned it. I don't recall having seen him in anything else either.
I didn't notice, but I've got it on TiVo for the Matrix trailer, so I'll check it out again!

That was the lamest Super Bowl in quite a while, even for a traditionally lame game. However, tonight's Alias following the Super Bowl has been incredible!

Maybe I'm just being bitter about the game because I'm from Philadelphia. This town is still in a hangover about not playing oin the Super Bowl.

I've been forcing myself to sit through the increasingly excruciating X- Files and I've seen him twice now in S6. He's on the board early in the season when M& S are placed with a new AD. He's also in the one that's a virtual copy of TNG's Cause and Effect.
Yep, I saw him. I was hoping to be the first to mention it.
Yup, I saw him.
I thought I recognized the voice and it wasn't until a few seconds in that I knew it was Sebasian.

One weird thing about the TiVo though was recording the Superbowl -for- the commercials. Too bad none of them were terribly great although I thought the Matrix movies (well and most of the other movie trailers) looked good.

Man, I missed Alias this week since it was delayed by the Superbowl. Grr, now we are going to have to download it.
Yea, seeing Wayne was cool.

Alias last night rocked!

Oh, and the best commercial at the Super Bowl was hands-down, Terry Tate: Office Linebacker. A close second was the ESPN commercial where Montana loses his Super Bowl ring in the kitchen, and that other guy finds it in his food, puts it on, then says "oh thats very nice, bling, bling" in _THE_ whitest sounding way humanly possible. Gawd that was funny.
I was going to mention Wayne's ad here but was beaten to it. Oh, well! Anyway, I've met Wayne & he is a lot of fun, a very funny guy.

I also liked the ad with the football player in the office. Hilarious! I also loved the Osbournes Pepsi ad. Why people haven't been voting that one as their fave is beyond me. When Ozzy yells "Sharon, the kids have turned into the Osmonds!" it cracked everyone at my house up. People seem to like the "Castaway" spoof for Fed-Ex, but I thought the Osbournes & the football player ones were better. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor.

I am so glad you mentioned that.... at first I thought I was having an 'Inquizitor Moment!'

Terry Tate, the Osbourne's, and the Bud Light one with a guy wearing his dog on his head were my favs.
I didn't see the Super Bowl because I was at work, but I saw that commercial today. I like how he tells that one guy,"Diddly Squat".

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