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Desperate Housewives


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Just how GOOD is Desperate Housewives? Wow. Just every minute has me enthralled.

Didn't like the first episode much but I'm now hooked!
Me too. Tonight's episode was especially good. The ethical decisions of some characters are getting pretty risky. That's good to a certain extent, for the purpose of pushing the tension, but I hope it doesn't go so far that it chokes the fun out of the show.

Antony, I thought you were in England. If you are, are you getting new episodes at the same time we do here in the U.S.? Tonight's was the one with the--and I'll keep this vague so it's not spoiler-worthy--the one with the country/western bar. Is that the same episode you've seen, just curious?
I don't think Ant is using regular channels to watch the show. If so, he could be a few days behind the US broadcasts at least.
I get them off Bit Torrent. I've seen up to episode six.

Episode seven I can now get.
You guys have heard on a new plan to prosecute people stealing movies from the internet? AT least I remember hearing something about how the cue Napster gave them is being followed up on. I don't know if it extendes to t.v. episodes or not, probably not since the money involved is not as great.
It's just the MPAA at the moment, so shoudl just be films.

And I don't think they can prosecute a Brit, so not sure!

I'd have it if they cracked down on TV downloads, as I use them a lot before I buy the DVDs.

My DVD collection proves I'm not thief... but of course that's nothing in the eyes of the suers.
The chances you'll get prosecuted are the same as getting struck by lightening. It's essentially just a scare tactic.
But some people do get killed by lightning. :D

Anyway, I saw the latest DH, episode seven.


It was almost losing its dark side, the show that is, then they just detonate this cluster bomb in the street and woo hoo! :D
From IMDb:

ABC's red-hot Desperate Housewives turned positively volcanic on Sunday, delivering its highest ratings to date. Housewives averaged 27 million viewers and 12.4 rating/26 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to preliminary estimates from Nielsen Media Research. Housewives is already the undisputed runaway hit of the new season, but at this rate, it's going to give CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation serious competition for bragging rights as this season's top-rated program overall. In its second half-hour, viewership of Housewives peaked at a whopping 28.4 million viewers and 13.1/28 in the key demo.

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