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Delenn out of the loop in 'No Compromises'?


Delenn out of the loop in \'No Compromises\'?

In episodes featuring Rangers Delenn was always around the action or involved somehow - when Sinclair notifies Garibaldi of Rangers operating in and out of B5, when Marcus shows up to request help for a Ranger base in Drazi territory, etc. And, those were before she was Entil Zha. However, in the very first episode of Season Five there is no notification to or involvement of Delenn in dealing with the murder of a Ranger, and yet a few episodes later ('Learning Curve') she gets involved when one of the Rangers is only assaulted. By the principle enforced in the later episode Delenn should have asserted her authority to take over the investigation in the first episode, instead of the matter being handled like any other murder that happens at B5.

Re: Delenn out of the loop in \'No Compromises\'?

Remember, though, that Delenn wasn't the one who decided that the 'Mora'Dum' would be followed, it was the teacher who was looking to the Ranger's future. Also, in 'No Compromises', her focus was on Sheridan and ensuring that he even had a future.