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*Defending* rather than rebuilding

Another thing I just noticed about that latest TV Guide article is the line "In The Legend, the Rangers have been charged with defending the Interstellar Alliance as it attempts to rebuild civilization in the wake of the devastating Shadow War. I think the original SFC press release made it sound as if the Rangers would be "helping the ISA to rebuild", or words to that effect. "Defending" the ISA puts a different spin on what the focus of the show might be.

That could lead to facing off against races who take advantage of league races weakened states. Rather fitting considering Rumors Bargains and Lies just played.

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Well, on the scifi.com/b5rangers page it says:

"This new chapter in creator Straczynski's fascinating universe finds the Rangers faced with deadly challenges in their attempt to create peace out of the war's destruction and the emergence of a new enemy."

Well, keep in mind that the Shadows left, but their allies and Dark Servants did not. The Drakh and other Shadow cronies are still out there. They are probably mad at the alliance and would want to strike back, as we have seen the Drakh do to the Centauri in season 5 and the Centauri trilogy, and to Earth in A Call to Arms. I remember Delenn saying once in the series that their masters went away and that they are seeking to become masters themselves. So I am sure that we will see some of that in the new Rangers project.

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"New enemy"

The Drakh would be and "old" enemy

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vakie-The SFC Rangers site might just be referring to the pilot, and not the series. Actually, now that I think about it, the TV Guide article also might be referring to the pilot rather than the series. So maybe this thread is kind of pointless. All we've established is that maybe there will be a new "enemy" introduced in the pilot, and I guess we already knew that there would be a new race anyway (the race of Mackenzie Gray's character).

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Slade-Why do you torture us like that?

Because Antony's busy elsewhere and JMS doesn't post here?


The TV Guide article doesn't seem to distinguish between what is the pilot and what (might) be in the series, so I don't think it is terribly useful. (Although it's nice to see any mainstream publicity for the project at this point.) If they'd been a little clearer on this point I would have been more excited about the reference to G'Kar possibly running into former colleagues down the road. But the way the article is written suggests that the writer just assumed everyone in the movie would also be in the series.

Odd that they say it is not "an official pilot" given that the Sci-Fi Channel press release announcing the movie explicitly said that it would also serve as a pilot for a potential series.



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The people who write Publicity blurbs are not noted for their Accuracy in describing Any TV show. I sometimes suspect that most of them pop a tape into the VCR, fast forward a few minutes into the show, watch for 5 minutes and write whatever pops into their pointy little heads.

And sometimes they do it after a three beer lunch.

JMS talked about this a few times:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Who does the promos for the next episode? Why are they so inaccurate?

The teasers and promos are put together by the Warner Bros. marketing and promotions department.

I have nothing to do with the trailers, except to sit in awe and astonishment, trying to recognize my episode in the trailer, which is a chancy business at best.

Warners sometimes feels the need to "enhance" the shows through the promos...and sometimes they enhance them right into an alternate dimension....


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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>
The TV Guide article doesn't seem to distinguish between what is the pilot and what (might) be in the series, so I don't think it is terribly useful.

After reading the article again, I pretty much agree with you Joe, except maybe when it comes to the quotes from JMS. "I don't want this to be a ship-bound show," sounds like he's talking about the series, since JMS has always referred to the TV movies as "movies" not "shows". "Show" is the sort of word he uses for a series.


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