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So, anyone see this new HBO Western (sunday night, after Sopranos)?

- Boy do they like to swear a lot. Supposedly, they did all this research that showed they really would have talked like that. After all, it is a lawless town. What's surprising to many is not just the amount but how "modern" it sounds.
The swearing doesn't bother me, but that shouldn't come as a surprise to folks.

- Cast was awesome. Wild Bill Hickock was so smooth. And Brad "Wormtongue" Douriff as the creepy doctor- how perfect is that?

- Very difficult to wrap my brain around all the characters and plot stuff. Will take a couple of episodes to get settled.

Not perfect, kinda choppy, but I'll tune in next week.
My roommate follows the Sopranos, courtesy of a fellow co-worker thow tapes them for him. After he watched it last night he told me that the first episode of Deadwood was also on the tape, and he knew I'd been wanting to see it. I was pleased with the cast, but I too am a little confused as to exactly what's going on. Hopefully I'll still be able to follow it, as I really want to see more.
I thought it was pretty good myself.

And the plot and all did seem a bit loose. However, when dealing with several parts of what will undoubtedly become a whole at some point, it makes sense.
Deadwood has quickly become my favorite show. The casting is great, the storyline is coming into form, and people are dying. I was a little disappointed to see Wild Bill get done in so early in the series though.

Al is such a badass. He's like the Godfather of Deadwood. I'm really interested in seeing where his character goes. Powers Boothe is a nice addition to the cast as a rival of sorts for Al. It'll be interesting to see how the two interact.

I can't wait for the DVD for this show!
Deadwood is a place where a guy is stricken with a vicious desease, so his host and friend has him dumped in the woods. Messed up. How can you not be interested in a place like that?

Hickock actually lived too long- according to history, he was killed the day after Seth Bullock arrived. This show is taking some license with it to give the two legends a chance to become friends.

Bullock is too much of a dick sometimes, I hope he soon starts to fulfill his promise and become the legendary man of stature that history records.

The death of Hickock and the onset of the plague should give Calamity Jane a chance to shine.

I loved the trial: short and sweet... and corrupt.

Trixie may end up challening Swearingen over the treatment of the widow.

Some great dialogue as always. Especially convincing the kid to get the vaccine by talking about having "Nebraska pussy."
"I still mark the anniversary." :LOL:
I'm just resurrecting this thread to tell everyone not watching this show that they are really, really missing out. It is now officially totally kick-ass awesome. Thank you.
I'm pissed off! I missed my first episode of Deadwood. For whatever reason the HBO in my area didn't show it Sunday night. Instead, they played the GIA movie with Angelina Jolie. Anyone know if there's going to be an encore showing of it? I don't know why the HBO here didn't show it, they showed it the first three Sundays I was here in Cincinatti.
That is weird.

Frankly, if I were you, I'd wait until I could watch it from the beginning. It flows much nicer that way. I'm sure HBO will replay it or you could rent it on DVD.

Though Gia is a nice bit of entertainment, too. I mean, come on- it's Angelina Jolie, as a bi-promiscuous model who's naked a lot.

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