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Dead Like Me ep. 2 "Curious George" SPOILERS

Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

I just thought this was a lovely episode -- the way sentiments came out as being truer when the source is so jaded. And I just knew that Betty was a flapper! The whole glamour girl thing she had going -- it was obvious. I'm guessing American Civil War era for Rube. Roxy has me stumped though. Also, George and Mason some great undercurrent chemistry goin' on.

If I ever become a reaper, I hope we have our meetings in a Thai restaurant or a nice Indian diner.
Re: Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

I enjoyed that episode. One thing that is becoming clear to me is that reapers aren't the nicest people around, most of them are criminals. They don't feel the need to help each other out, they steal from each other, they don't really have any compassion for anyone... etc. They basically have all the morality and sympathy of the characters on Seinfeld.

Frankly, I wonder if "moving on" really has anything to do with a certain number of souls you have to take, or whether it has to do with how much you've changed by your extra time on Earth.

But yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if Rube has been around for a long, long time... I'd guess Civil War era or something like that.

Now that the whole "going home again" thing has been settled, I wonder how they're going to incoprorate George's family into the mix... my guess is that George's sister will probably seek out George on her own, but that's just a guess.
Re: Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

I think they're trying to breakdown the whole "Touched by an Angel" image that the reapers might otherwise have. Ultimately, they're just gophers doing a job ... they're just people. Which means varying degrees of flexibility of their moral fiber. Mason's and Betty's is the most flexible, but I get the feeling that was as true in life as in after-life.

As for sympathy -- think of social workers that have been doing their job for a very, very, very longtime.

I'm sure they'll find ways to drag George's family back into the mix -- especially with the whole helping suicidal people being part of the job description. Besides, she's only dealt with the obvious that you can't go home. She's yet to deal with relationship with her mother and sister.
Re: Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

Well, they have dealt with the whole going inside and / or trying to make contact thing with a fair amount of finality. However, I remain a bit doubtful that George won't still be keeping an eye on her family from a diistance. Maybe it will turn out that she has given that up at the same time, I'm just not completely convinced yet.
Re: Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

Well, the show is still 3 for 3 on making one semi-obscure 1960's pop culture reference per episode. This one was a bit different from the precedent set in the first two, howver.

In both of the first two the reference was made in George's narration and was a reference to a specific episode of a TV show (Twilight Zone, and the Star Trek [TOS]).

This time the reference was made by Roxy and was referring to a movie.

In the conversation about pet birds that Roxy had with Mason, at one point she described a pet parrot as having attacked a burgler "like he was Tippi Hedren". Of course, Tippi Hedren starred in the 1963 Alfed Hitchcock movie "The Birds", wherein she got pecked at quite a bit. (I looked up the year on the IMDb.)
Re: Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

What about that island of killer frogs movie Mason was talking about with George? If that wasn't an obscure 60s genre reference it sure sounded like one. :LOL:
Re: Dead Like Me ep. 2 \"Curious George\" SPOILERS

Yeah, it might have been a cheap 1960's horror movie reference.

It just wasn't one that I recognized, and I didn't bother to look it up. :cool: :p

Also, in that one the dialog really called attention to the fact that he was talking about a movie. The other 3 that I mentioned just made a quick reference without anyone ever pointing out "like in that movie / TV show".