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Daydreaming Actors for Books


This was just a random thought that went through my head ... I don't think it will ever happen (nor do I think it nessarily be a good idea) but if any of the B5 books could be made into movies, who would you suggest to play the parts that we haven't yet seen on screen? This is pure daydreaming since I know it won't happen ... More along the lines, if you were to attribute a certain actor to a certain unseen character in your head, who would you pick?

Most of the stories do, however, use mostly characters we are familar with. I think the Psi Corps trilogy would be the most varied. Hey, who would play a young Bester?

It's a bit shadey of me not to have my opinions on the matter even though I'm asking you guys ... I was never good at this even though I've often tried to play this game with books and stories, heh.
technomage novels:

Blaylock: i think the guy playing the alien in the TNG s1 episode "Wargames" would make a great Blaylock, he's the person i always saw in my head when reading the books.

Fed: not sure, there are several people i can think of, just not clearly enough to remember names or shows they were in.

Psi-Corps books:

Vacit: someone who looks a lot like Jason from "Z'Ha'Dum" (the old guy explaining things to Sheridan) I always saw that guy in my head for the old Vacit, especially in "The Nautilis Coil".
I don't know, the people I imagined from the books were not actors but from my own imagination.
I've only read City of Sorrows so I can't even begin to guess at any characters from any other book.
I think I would be perfectly suited for the role of David Sheridan
Women would start watching Babylon 5 just to view my ultimate sexiness. Well, I look too mature, also if I am the right age, I guess.
But otherwise, I'm perfect

On a serious note..
Hugo Weaving as Durla.
If they were made in a few years, Haley Joel Osment as David Sheridan. (How old was David Sheridan in the book? 17 or 18 IIRC)
Wasn't he 16, actually? He had not been born in 2262 yet, so he'd have been 16 in 2278. I'm also fairly sure that it was his 16th birthday when he got the urn.

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