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David Icke


Just watching a programme on UFO's and his theory is cool.Thousands of years ago a bunch of alien lizards came to Earth and mated with the leading human families.These childeren took control of the World and the pyramid is there symbol.They eat human flesh and live for hundreds of years.Their descendants rule the the planet now and they are known as the Illuminati.George Bush,Tony Blair and Queen Lizzie are members.

There are other aliens too and we can't see them because they can move to dimensions invisable to Humans the sneaky little buggers.They are busy sticking chips into people as testified by some woman who had lived alone for 12 years in some house in the woods.

Made me laugh :LOL:

Anyone remember when he said he was Jesus reborn? :rolleyes:

He was a good footballer though ;)
Hang on I thought he was a cricket commentator... not a footballer.

Or have I just been misprogrammed by said lizards?

If I remember rightly he defended his more crazy comments by saying that governments have secret microwave weaponry that can alter the way we think and make us behave in peculiar ways.
Here he is,been a busy lad hasn't he?


It was the Babylonian Brotherhood that made me think of this place.

Apparently they have secret methods of passing information around.Do you think this site could just be a front for their Top Secret message center and that Antony is really one of them :eek:
apparently he was one hell of a keeper, though i thought he was younger than that, he always amuses me and is a great reminder of the fact that someone is always worse off, you may have no money or girlfriend but at least you aren't as mad as him.

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