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Darth Librarian's blaze of optimism post

Darth Librarian\'s blaze of optimism post

Yep, production has started on TLT and I am officially pumped. I think The Lost Tales will be the biggest B5 success since the original series, and here's ten reasons why (WARNING, FANBOY RANTINGS AHEAD):

i) Same characters - Sheriden, Lockley, Garibaldi (hopefully). A lot of folk (although not I, and one of them looked a lot like Jerry Doyle) complained that the other spin-off series did not feature the core cast. This one does, in fact, its all about them. (+ Galen). Great stuff!!!

ii) New method of delivery: Episodes straight to DVD (and probably iTunes), Straight from JMS's head and straight to the fans, no pesky network or studio notes getting in the way. A new delivery model for a new century! Huzzah! Its such a good idea MGM are doing it for Stargate. Network placement is a bonus, but seemingly no longer essential.

iii) New effects. Same ships, new look and better technology. All around winner!! i can't wait to see the first leaks on the Internet. Hurry up under-paid disgruntled Canadian animators and leak them to me NOW!!

iv) JMS back on form. In fact, he's at the top of his game with hollywood movies and comics books flying a plenty out of his laptop. I guess those B5 ideas are just simmering away in his noggin. Hooray!!!

v) Same actors. Bruce, Jerry (if he stops mouthing off) and that chick who used to get naked in TV movies with the funny surname. We love them and we miss them. Bonus!

vi) A whole universe to play with. With the new format, we are not tied down to B5 but can move about (but I want to see lots of it still...).

vii) Dangling plot threads. There were a load left after season 5. Crusade and Rangers dumped a load more on us. I hope they get tackled and not solved all at once. After all, we need incentive to buy the next DVD's.

viii) Competition: Trek is not going to be back for a while, and Enterprise still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. BSG is a new sci-fi TV benchmark, but its no aliens policy leaves a rubber faced gap in the market. Bring on the Drazi !!!

ix) New fans: DVD and the Interweb have gained the show a whole new legion of fans.

x) We had faith. We knew it would come back eventually, and we've been through highs and lows. By buying the DVD's we can make it happen, and no coke snorting overpaid TNT executive, shady brit film funders or annoyingly timed football games can get in the way. This one is for us, and its down to us to help make it a sucess!

Yep, I'm pumped ok, and hopefully i've not just done a 'Murray Walker' on the whole thing. :eek:

All the best!
:D :beer:
Re: Darth Librarian\'s blaze of optimism post

Faith Manages I guess.
Re: Darth Librarian\'s blaze of optimism post

It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.
Re: Darth Librarian\'s blaze of optimism post

Well, DL, I've chosen several, so you're in company. Not necessarily good company, but definitely in company.

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