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Daniel Dae Kim on Star Trek


He's back on the Roddenberry train, playing a space marine on Enterprise. In the season premiere, they introduced his character, but we didn't really hear much from him. But since they introduced him by name (can't remember it though), I'm guessing the role will be recurring...?

He wasn't wearing red at least.
Here is what Sandy said in her newsletter, The Zocolo:

ENTERPRISE: Daniel Dae Kim from CRUSADE has won a regular part on ENTERPRISE. Daniel portrays Corporal Chang, one of the recurring crewmembers joining the series as part of MACO, an elite military group. In a recent Dreamwatch interview, Daniel talked about his work on the series. "So far, I've interacted with a lot with 'Hoshi', Linda Park's character, and 'Trip', Connor Trinneer's character, and Scott Bakula ['Archer'], of course. We have a scene with [Dominic Keating's] 'Reed' in the episode we're shooting now. I think we'll be interacting with everybody." When asked about what he'd be doing on-screen, Kim said, "I don't think I'm allowed to go into specifics, but lots of rifles and guns ^Ö all sorts of neat toys." Daniel has kept busy since his role as John Matheson on CRUSADE ended. He has had recurring roles on ANGEL and 24. So far, his presence has been confirmed for the first and third episodes of Enterprise season three.
O.K. Now I have an excuse to watch Enterprise this season. As much as I hate the idea of the gun-toting Kim, I simply must see this.

When does the Enterprise season begin? :confused:
Last Wendsday. He had 2 lines I think. Liked the episode though!
I thought it was a pretty good ep too. It has lots of possibilities, and shows signs of actually having a continuing story arc. They did find a reason to show us most of Jolene's tits, and it was a much more plot based reason than previous decontamination scenes. The scene with the various species of Xindi kind of reminded me of B5, infact one was N'Grath's cousin. :D ;) :D
Exactly, the episode was pretty good, but the direction the show looks like its going is what I'm excited about. :D
The show was still mediocre, but the MACOs did kick some major ass. It's about time someone on that show could.

BUT, the MACO uniforms are ludicrous.
They look like the new fall line of jumpsuits from Jackson Pollack.

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