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Daniel Dae Kim back in Outer Space?

Forwarded this from Code 7R. Even though it's presented by "Dan Randle" it could be the truth, not just The Illusion of Truth. ;)

Has anyone heard that Daniel Dae Kim who played Matheson on Crusade will be joining Star Trek Enterprise?

A friend forwarded me this, " Military Assault Command Operations team, or MACOs for short. The MACOs include some recognizable genre faces. The first is Daniel Dae Kim, who was a regular on the short-lived Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade, and has appeared in recurring roles on Angel and 24. Kim, who also guest-starred in Voyager's "Blink of an Eye", will play Corporal Chang, a character first
revealed last week (story). "


Basically, it sounds like 24's Agent Baker in space, but if it gets DDK a regular paycheck and more than one line of dialogue, I'm glad to hear it. This military unit factors into the new direction of "Enterprise", as they go to war with an as-yet-unseen alien race.

Maybe that pussy Archer will die and Kim will be forced to take military command of the ship.

I can dream, can't I?
Decided to follow up on my own post. This from Startrek.com:

A significant new element in the show this season is the presence of a military contingent, as mentioned in "The Expanse." These soldiers are referred to as MACOs, standing for "Military Assault Command Operations." The MACO group is led by "Major Hayes," played by Steven Culp. Culp is a Star Trek veteran ... sort of. Culp was part of the original final scene of "Star Trek Nemesis" which was edited out of the movie. He played "Martin Madden," Will Riker's replacement as first officer on the Enterprise-E, and he can be seen among the Deleted Scenes on the "Nemesis" DVD (related story).

Coincidentally, another MACO was earlier seen in "Nemesis" — actually, the Star Trek: Voyager episode of that name. Nathan Anderson was "Namon," but here he's "Sergeant Kemper." Daniel Dae Kim was "Gotana-Retz" in "Blink of an Eye," and he's now in the role of "Corporal Chang."

Most of the rest of the large guest cast have been in Star Trek before, including Richard Lineback, Stephen McHattie, Randy Oglesby (who was in the Enterprise episode "Unexpected"), Scott MacDonald, Rick Worthy and Tucker Smallwood.

It sounds like we'll know all these guys when we see them, even if we don't know their names, per se.

And it looks like DDK is somewhat down the foodchain. I was under the impression he was in charge of the MACOs. Oh, well.
This sounds like it could be great. MACO's could easily be pronounced like the shark "Mako" as the units nickname/mascot. Now, that's something we've never seen in Trek - unit cohesiveness and nicknames among the Starfleet personnel. Well, except at the academy you have Red Squad.

Anyway, maybe there'll be some nice exploration vs. conquest, science vs. war, diplomacy vs. strength type of debates like we saw with Sinclair during the first season of B5.

I must admit, Enterprise is growing on me. I saw the episode with the Tholians last night and it was rather enjoyable. But, an idea that has been floated past me (probably here at b5tv.com so appoligies to anyone I forget to mention or credit) is that Berman and Braga have come up with this whole "temporal cold war" thing to be able to finally find a canonical way to rewrite Star Trek history the way they think it should have been. They can finally get rid of Kirk and Co.'s huge influence (and Rodenberry's I might add) by saying it was all deleted when the temporal cold war was won/lost/drawn and now this is real Star Trek history for the franchise. You know, their kind of trek - big tits and big explosions, enough of this mamby pamby human experience garbage!

uhh...I hope that doesn't happen, they'll be destroying 30+years worth of storytelling and the life's work of Gene, DeForest and many others. Selfish, adolescent punks! :mad:

okay, I'm done ranting now.

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