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Daily Show


I thought there was a thread on this already, but now I can't find it.

I'm watching a repeat of the Daily Show with Brian Williams (NBC newsreader).


Jon Stewart is giving Brian a hard time. :D

But I do have to love a guy who says " ... because we DON'T CHECK FACTS."

And a real news story actually said "according to a Daily Show report..." :LOL:

I thought old MIghty just made this stuff up. :confused:
Yeah, this shit is true.

It seems silly that "real" news outlest use and criticise a freakin' comedy show's "news" reports, but think about it: The Daily Show is the only news-related show that doesn't have an agenda, political or sensationalistic, other than making people laugh, which goes beyond party lines. This confuses and angers them.
I've only caught the Daily Show once or twice, but, to me, it seemed some of their "News" was pretty far out there. So, from what I've seen, it's amazing anyone can claim people are misinformed from watching the Daily Show.

So, am I correct that they skewer the actual news, rather than reporting the actual news, and then make their jokes off the already "skewered news"


Do they report the actual real news, and then make jokes from there?
I didn't have comedy central for the first host but Stewart has been great for some time.

You really don't get everything you can out of the Daily Show unless you already know the news they are using. What critics of the show often don't get is that Daily Show viewers know the news much better than casual viewers of other tv news outlets. Anyone who gets there news from the Daily Show is missing some of the jokes.
"... yea... keep dancin..."


And yes, Sindature. They take a rather unique "spin" on the news. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard, other than at the British series "Coupling".

Which is, in itself, a rather unique spin on life, but that's for another thread in another forum. :LOL: ;)
It should be noted that originally, the Daily Show was created to spoof news shows, not the news. Craig Kilborn was chosen as host because he looks and acts like an exaggerated version of many news anchors: young ignorant arrogant pretty boy. According to many he worked with that was his real personality, so that helped to sell the spoof.

John Stewart is the opposite: kind of nebishy geeky "every man." Combined with a fresh staff of politically savvy writers, the show in a sense became that which it originally made fun of and lost some audience, but attracted a new audience (ie, me) and is now a clever current events send-up.
You have to remember that there is more withing the news now to make fun off than originally.

I just went back and read my last post. Boy was that convoluted.
Saw the Daily Show Election special last night, where it linked up with some show called the Colbert Report. We only get the Daily Show over here so I'd not heard of this show, but I thought the guy was pretty hilarious with his, for want of a better term, stream-of-consciousness speech about how he thought the US would last longer than 230 years and the Democrats would fund stem cell research by homosexual doctors (trying to find a clip of it on YouTube so I can get the exact phrasing but no luck so far).

I'm assuming that Colbert's line is parodying right-wing media types.

Is the Colbert Report generally as funny as The Daily Show and how often does it air?
It airs every day after the Daily Show. And yea, that's his act: playing the ultra-conservative type. Did he mention anything about bears? :LOL:

I think most people would say the Daily Show is still a little funnier than The Colbert Report, but Colbert is doing a fine job keeping his show humorours, when I've seen it.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the ONLY thing I miss about not having cable!! I occasionally catch it at friends and there are always clips on Sunday Funnies section of Stephanopolous's Sunday show, and I always giggle. Admittedly, he had a lot of crude material to work with. :devil:

I hope he stays as funny with the new House and Senate, though Bush will still be spouting gibberish. :D
He's made fun of democratic representatives, too, you know. He just goes after whatever is most absurd in the news, I think. Or what he can give a humorous spin on.

To this day one of my favorite segments of his show actually went after The Today Show. :LOL:

Anyone remember canoe-woman reporting from New York? :)

And again, i don't know if all sites are visible from all areas of the world, but you can see all of the Daily show, broken into segments, online.

Daily Show Video clips
heh, canoe woman... that was sweet

I remember that dolt Larry King asking John Stewart if he wants medicare to succeed even if it might mean less jokes. Stewart was just flabergasted at King's utter stupidity.

Folks, there's always comedy in politics. The idea that any election result will remove jokes is absurd.
Exactly what old Mighty said, there. :) :beer:

Hasn't Stewart actually said "put me out of work"? Or was that someone else?

Oh, I got caught up a bit online with the Colbert Report. Nice "concession tantrum" he did there. With Uncle Sam as his driver. Who didn't get the right kind of bottled water, or whatever. ;) And loved the denial theme right up till the end. :)

Loved that terrorist cake, and the Jesus/Bin Ladin meter. :D
I hope the clip of Colbert "blaming" the Dems for the Iraq mess will be played all over the place and become commonly seen before the Republicans actually start whining about how the Dems weren't able to "fix" it.

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