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Cut line in "Soul mates"


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Cut line in \"Soul mates\"

I was recently watching the episode on DVD and the final scene was that Delenn tells Ivanova about strange cramps. However I seem to remember that when the episode aired, Ivanova responded with "Welcome to the human race". However this phrase was not on DVD. Am I confused and the phrase is from anothe repisode or was this cut?
Re: Cut line in \"Soul mates\"

I don't remember that line every being in - just the priceless look on Ivanova's face, then fade to black and credits.

Re: Cut line in \"Soul mates\"

I just remember the panic face Ivanova made. Makes me laugh all the time :LOL: :LOL:
Re: Cut line in \"Soul mates\"

I don't recall that being said either. No words were required - the face said it all ;)
Re: Cut line in \"Soul mates\"

Ok, I believe you, guys. But where is that line from, anybody remembers?

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