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Crusades Ratings



Thought it'd be a good idea to post Crusade's latest ratings. But first, a recap.

In the first week of ratings Crusade scored an average of 1.0, and it was in 5h place on the Sci-Fi Top 10.

The second week I was a bit worried when it slipped to a 0.7 rating and to 11th place. Well, those worries have been dispelled. Here are the ratings for the 3rd week.

#1 - Farscape 1.7
#2 - Invisible Man 1.3
#3 - The Outer Limits 1.2
#4 - Crusade 1.1
#5 - Escape From Mars 1.1
#6 - Babylon 5 0.9
#7 - John Edward 0.9
#8 - Interceptor Force 0.9
#9 - First Wave 0.8
#10 - Lost World 0.8

It jumped back up from a 0.7 to a 1.1, with only Farscape, The Invisible Man, and The Outer Limits beating it. And it even beat first-run episodes of some of Sci-Fi's other shows. (Some of which didn't even make it on the list, except for First Wave)

Now either there's a huge Tracy Scoggins fan following that we don't know about that tuned in to see her, or a whole slew of people just discovered Crusade recently and are tuning in, which means that the chances of the second run having as good rating at did or better are high.

Point is, Crusade is proving itself to be a successful show, despite it's TNT inflicted problems. The future bodes well for Crusade.

Well, looks like this board has it's first official troll. And his name is Power-of-Ten.

I'd take Joe DeMartino's bet in the other thread if there were any way to enforce it. Even if I win there's nothing to prevent you from slinking back into the boards under another name. And I certainly don't trust your word to stay away, so no.

But assuming they can IP ban in the Sci-Fi board and on the Newsgroup, and the admins there as well as here are willing to enforce the bet, then yeah, I'll take it.

If Crusade comes back in any form, then you're IP will be banned from the above boards, leaving you unable to post.

If JMS says Crusade is dead then the above will be done to me.

Now assuming the various administrators agree to enforce it, do we have a bet?

And for the record, I'm GreenKnight on the Sci-Fi board. My real name is Rene Ferrer. I was born on 06-26-78 in Miami, Florida. And my e-mail is Primarch@webtv.net.

"But assuming they can IP ban in the Sci-Fi board"

True, Sci-Fi *can,* but they don't... The Dominion rarely takes any position on trolls or anything of the sort. That's a whole other barrel of worms that's been opened more times than I care to estimate.

"and on the Newsgroup, and the admins there as well as here are willing to enforce the bet"

Just a suggestion to save the folks on this board some headaches, ban his IP *now* and get it over with. Sure, I'll call for that... due to prior experience. Like I said, I've been around boards like this for years, and trolls like him do nothing but cause trouble.

-Londo's Hair
"Vir, intelligence has nothing to do with politics!"
I watched an episode of "Black Scorpion" for the first time the other night...ye gods, what utter cheesecake! If this bears some resemblance to what TNT sincerely hoped "Crusade" should metamorphose into, I'm GLAD JMS decided to go down firing.

It is extremely gratifying to see SECOND-RUN episodes of "Babylon 5" and "Crusade" stomping the living pish out of several of Sci-Fi's "prestige" series, such as "Jules Verne" (okay, not a shabby series, really)and, of course, the aforediscussed "Scorpion". Am looking forward immensely to seeing what numbers the new "Legends" series pulls in, as a first-run...

IP ban? How is that done? Last time I checked, people with dial up connections have different IP's each time they dial. They might be able to track it through their isp though... but I dunno about that.

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Well, I wanted to discuss Crusade's latest ratings, not IP bans, but here goes.

Yes, there're people who have wildly varying IP's. That's still no problem. When you ban it simply type it in like this: 100.200.300.* The asterisk nails every number within the range. You could also ban someone's IP like this: 100.200.*.* That casts the net ever wider. The key is not casting it TOO wide, otherwise you nail other posters in the same net, who you'll then have to unban. But for the most part, it's not that much trouble to IP ban a poster. I was an administrator at a board which currently has 2700+ members for a couple months, and I had to do IP bans on occasions as the trolls just kept coming back with new names. It's not that difficult so long as you pay attention to the posters IP number. And specifically, the numerical patters of the IP. Where the numbers remain constant, put the number. Where the number is a variable, put an *. It can be a pain and time-consuming, but you can IP ban posters with even wildly different IP's (like AOL users) without nailing others in the process.

And speaking of trolls, were Power-Of-Ten a poster on the AllSpark (A Transformers board), he would've been toast a while ago. Not an offense to the administrators, here. Just that Power-Of-Ten should consider himself lucky that the administration here is forgiving of his trollish behavior.

- Capt. Gideon, who regrets how far off-topic this thread has gone and would like a moderator to lock this thread before it goes more off-topic

I'm one of those first time Crusade watchers. I was floored. This is going to be a great show when it is continued. (power of positive thinking)

p.s. to admins: yes, Power of Ten is a troll.
Suggest you either ban him or don't feed him
*points to the Don't Feed The Trolls sign*

"Sure is for people with nothing on the line. You and me, we just get on with it."
Glad to hear it, Remme_Mage. That's one of the things I've liked about B5 and then Crusade airing on the Sci-Fi Channel. All the new viewers that're being brought into both shows. It's really refreshing seeing posts by people who've never seen either how, before. I personally love it.

Well, I'm hoping a great deal, too, that Crusade gets picked up. I want to see that story continue.

Hey all! Finally registered here after watching the fun the last few days. Two quick things Capt. MG. First, that ratings information was for the first week of Crusade's airing. The ratings were dated 4/9 - 4/15. I also am pretty sure that is when those movies aired. When Sci-Fi lists those ratings, they are for the highest rated airing of a particular show (if shown more than once) during that week. So even if the other airings were in the top ten, Racing the Night (I am assuming this was the one because we know it got a 1.1) will be the only one shown, and the average rating for the week is not displayed. Second is a question. I have been looking over all the boards for a posting of Crusade's second week ratings and the only thing I saw was JMS's post about them being neck and neck with B5 for the week. Where did you get the .7 from? I am truly curious because I was hoping it would have averaged at least a .8 or .9 if being on par with B5. Thanks for the answer in advance.


The Truth IS.....

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Two quick things Capt. MG. First, that ratings information was for the first week of Crusade's airing. The ratings were dated 4/9 - 4/15.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sorry, ShadowMage Galen, but you're wrong. That ratings information was put up yesterday on the Scifi.com website, and was the ratings for the week before. I know, because I distinctly remember their positions on the Top Ten. The fist week Crusade aired it was #5 and B% was #10. The ratings information above has Crusade at #4 and B5 at #6.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>I also am pretty sure that is when those movies aired. When Sci-Fi lists those ratings, they are for the highest rated airing of a particular show (if shown more than once) during that week. So even if the other airings were in the top ten, Racing the Night (I am assuming this was the one because we know it got a 1.1) will be the only one shown, and the average rating for the week is not displayed.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ok, you're right about that. Using the word "average" was definitely incorrect of me. But again, the above ratings are for last week. Not the week that Racing the Night aired, which was 2 weeks ago.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Second is a question. I have been looking over all the boards for a posting of Crusade's second week ratings and the only thing I saw was JMS's post about them being neck and neck with B5 for the week. Where did you get the .7 from? I am truly curious because I was hoping it would have averaged at least a .8 or .9 if being on par with B5.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The .7 wasn't the rating. That was what JMS said Sci-Fi would consider a good rating for the Crusade re-runs. The .8 I got from someone else's post, who had checked Nielsen. Now, that may be wrong, but I see no reason to doubt that person's word.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Thanks for the answer in advance.

You're welcome.

Capt MG,

Just checked Sci Fi Wire and the ratings for syndication they have listed right now. The ratings they show at the wire for SFC, network and syndication are always for the same week. It is dated 4/9 - 4/15 which is the first week of Crusade's airing. This was also shown at ISNNEWS and their forum. Joe DeMartino also posted it on the Sci-Fi bboard as of that week's date.

JMS did post that it was 5th with a 1.0 and B5 was 10th that week, but the numbers he used may have been the actual average for the week and the placement of the average. Crusade averageing 1.0 would have been 5th because the other 4 in the top 5 were single airings and would have stayed above Crusade's average.

Also on the ISNNEWS board, Tim from the Crusade for Crusade site gave the ratings from the first four eps. 1.1 for RtN, .9 for NoE, 1.0 for MoW, and .7 for TLR which had the steepest competition that week (including Survivor). From all reports I have heard, Crusade's ratings dipped the second week when it ran against first run shows on the networks finally, but JMS saying it was neck and neck with B5 gave me hope.

Sci Fi Wire traditionally shows the ratings from about three weeks back which has thrown me off more than once. As long as the ratings stay up though, the news is definitely encouraging.

BTW, Joe D.'s post is 3341 on the B5 Dominion board on the On Air Colony at scifi.com.

Gotta go for now. Let's hope Crusade keeps the ratings high.


The Truth IS.....

OUT of fashion.
It was a great ride seeing CRUSADE again!
Gee what dweebs the TNT networks types
were to mess with JMS and his visions.
Yet he still managed to come out with
a great show even with some minor flaws.
I hope we get to see some more CRUSADE
in the future with the wonderful lines
and stories that are in it and all the B5 projects. They really were well written shows. If there is no future CRUSADE plans, then the ride was fun while it happened. Peace.
G’Kar – “The future isn’t what it used to be.”

Uhh, walking the chance I get my IP address blocked... Can *anyone* tell me what is/was so good about Crusade???

I remember renting the 1st B5 movie, and although it didn't totaly swept me away, it kept nagging. Later I then saw there where more episodes, and it started to 'eat' inside of me, esspecially G'kar had stroken a chord in me. But, unfortunatly I couldn't get my hands on them, so I had my videostore import the tapes
(seison 1) from the UK. (me in NL EU)
I was blown away, hooked forever, even cried when they blew up the station, although a tragic resent loss could had something to do with that aswell.
That was the 10th of September 1999.

A few months later I started buying the UK import tapes from Crusade, and I never liked, not one single episode.

So, what makes you tick re-viewing & liking the show???
Or are you just hoping, *IF* it ever gets picked up, it gets better???

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Can *anyone* tell me what is/was so good about Crusade???<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The short answer is, of course, "No." If you don't like Crusade I can't give you reasons you should like it, anymore than I could persuade you that chocolate ice cream is delicious if you hate the taste of chocolate.

Personal preferences can't be debated or reasoned about, they just are.

Not being a moderator, I'm not aware of anyone's being banned from this site. But if anyone has been you can be sure it waa not for expressing a dislike of Crusade or anything else. The only thing I can think of that would get someone banned would be generally abusive and troll-like behavior.

Having proved that it is impossible to convince you to like a show that you happen not to like, I will now attempt to do so.

Well, not quite. But...

You mention starting to import the Crusade tapes from the U.K. so I assume that you haven't seen all of them. If those tapes were issued in the same order the program aired on TNT, I think I see part of the problem.

The show opened with "Warzone", the single worst episode of the bunch, written to appease TNT after the first production shut-down. If you only watched the first couple of tapes, you didn't see any of the episodes that were produced before TNT started involving itself in day-to-day script and production matters - in short, you've never seen JMS's version of Crusade, the version seen in the first five episodes filmed, which were the last to air.

When I first saw Crusade on TNT I hated "Warzone" and had mixed feelings about many of the episodes that followed, because the story had no sense of "flow" and the relationships between the characters seemed to change oddly from week to week. Then they hit the "last five" - the pre-TNT Atlanta shows - and I said, "That's the show JMS was talking about!"

The second time through the Sci-Fi Channel has aired the shows according to the original plan JMS had for the story. This leads to one or two continuity glitches because some scripts were re-written to fit the planned TNT order, but over-all even the "weaker" episodes now play much better and the character relationships seem to evolve in a way that is much more natural.

If you have a chance to borrow copies of the last three tapes in the U.K. set, do so. I think you'll see a different series than the one you saw on the earlier tapes and you might even see the same potential many of the rest of us saw in the show. Or not. That's OK, too. There is no law that says everybody has to like everything that JMS writes or everything that is discussed on this board.

If you have trouble finding copies of those last few episodes, send me an e-mail. I may know someone in the U.K. who can help you.



Joseph DeMartino
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I don't want to see anybody get banned just because they don't like Crusade. This is an "all over" board, even though this section seems devoted to Crusade. Still dissenting opinions can exist. I just agree with "Don't Feed the Trolls" business.

With everything I can cross "crossed", I want Crusade back. It had great potential and with every long range series, you start out slow and build. JMS is no exception to that rule. Remember the beginning of B5?????

I just flat out liked the idea of it and saw big time potential. Dang, wish I could write a script.

If Sam Inglorious is lurking somewhere, thanks for sending me here. Nice place guys. Really nice place.

Well anyway to the subject at hand. Does anyone out there have these episodes on tape? If so, what do I need to give you, or send you, other than my undying gratitude, to get you to copy them for me? For some strange TNT reason, I expected them to disappear before I ever saw them and did not get a new VCR in time to tape them.

Any help or leads someone, anyone could provide, would be greatly appreciated.

I don't want to lose this show. So, just in case it never comes back, say JMS is too busy, or whatever, I want the 13 for keeps. That way I can ogle Gary Cole off of my desktop paper anytime I want too! (OK, that is partially my motive, I really regreted not getting American Gothic on tape, but I didn't have cable at the time and couldn't even see the danged show.)


Colleen L. Stanford
Gideon's Mine, all Mine
(he just doesn't know it yet, LOL)
Joe thanks!

Hmmm, ok, I noticed an inbalance at the end of the show. I saw all of them, bought all of them exept the 3th tape, missed it somehow, and at the end
with last episode I was totaly lost. Now I know why. Indeed the last 5 stories had more potential then what I saw before. But I just looked at the total and said; jaky bah. (still would like to know what was in the box)

Just didn't know that TNT already screwdrivered the scripts. I thought it was only the intention of bringing on a xenobiologist onboard which would had
sex on every new planet with one (or more?) of its inhabitants that made JMS fold the show.

Colleen, interested?
I have tapes 101 to 107 minus tape 103. Pal. VCR Mint condition, UK import, seen only once. ;-p
rikof@xs4all.nl for a serious offer only.


Ps: in case no one's interested, how do I know the right order to view the tapes???? In case I...........


Here's the order the JMS had "Sci-Fi" air them. He put "War Zone" second-to-last because he didn't want to end on a lousy episode. For home viewing I'd suggest either watching it last or not at all. (It adds very little to the story that isn't either stated or implied elsewhere, and actually contradicts material in a couple of episodes.)

Racing the Night
The Needs of Earth
The Memory of War
The Long Road
Visitors from Down the Street
The Well of Forever
Each Night I Dream of Home
Patterns of the Soul
The Path of Sorrows
Ruling from the Tomb
The Rules of the Game
War Zone
Appearances and Other Deceits



Joseph DeMartino
Sigh Corps
Pat Tallman Division
BTW, here are the episode-by-episode ratings from the Sci-Fi run, in case anyone is interested. The average rating over all 13 was a 0.8. Sci-Fi's previous offerings in the 8 PM slot have ranged between a 0.5 and 0.7 for the past few months.

I'm trying to find out what the ratings were at 8 PM for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after "Appearances" aired.

Note that Thursdays offered the toughest network competition, especially in weeks 2 and 3 when shows like Friends were airing first-run episodes.

Week 1: Average rating 0.9
Racing the Night 1.1
The Needs of Earth 0.9
The Memory of War 1.0
The Long Road 0.7

Week 2: Average rating 0.7
Visitors from Down the Street 0.8
The Well of Forever 0.7
Each Night I Dream of Home 0.7
Patterns of the Soul 0.6

Week 3: Average rating 0.8
The Path of Sorrows 0.9
Ruling from the Tomb 0.7
The Rules of the Game 0.7
War Zone 0.8

Week 4: Average rating 0.6
Appearances and Other Deceits 0.6

The ratings data comes from the Crusade for Crusade website, which has further analysis and comments on the ratings.



Joseph DeMartino
Sigh Corps
Pat Tallman Division
Rick, you lovely guy you. Of course I am interested, seriously.

When you receive an email from cstanford@reedsmith.com that is me, I think I neglected to put in a "re" line. So sorry. But me brain dead at this point and trying to scarf down lunch to boot. Boss just left the office to fly to Italy for a two week vacation. I am buzzed. I think. May be too tired to actually tell.

101 to 107????? :confused big time as to your meaning

Colleen L. Stanford
Gideon's Mine, all Mine
(he just doesn't know it yet, LOL)

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